Baskonia resurfaces against Efes to put a stop to its European bad streak

Mathew Costello (33 points) and Markus Howard (16) complete the feat for those from Vitoria in extra time


Cazoo Baskonia clung to the Buesa Arena this Friday to stop its bad run of results in Europe, after beating Turkish Anadolu Efes (114-111) on matchday 21 of the Regular Phase of the Euroleague 2022-2023, after an exhibition in the last quarter that he completed in overtime with a great Mathew Costello (33 points).

The spectacular game by the American power forward and the good work of Markus Howard (16) at the end were key to overcoming an Efes that dominated until well into the last quarter. Rokas Giedraitis’s 18 rebounds completed a spectacular feat in extra time, in a special match for those from Vitoria, now without Pierriá Henry, provisionally suspended after an anti-doping control and who received a nice ovation from his audience.

Joan Peñarroya’s men (12/9) reaped a key victory for their aspirations to be a ‘playoff’ team, although they are still far from a ‘Top 4’ that they savored not long ago. The four straight defeats against ALBA Berlin (85-84), Bayern (92-79), Partizan (83-65) and Barça (78-85), curbed the enthusiasm that he did show again today against the current champion and one of the great favourites.

Thus, the most recognizable Baskonia of recent weeks took to the court with clear ideas, setting a high scoring rate from the outset with Steven Enoch and Costello leading the local attack and defence. However, the visitor’s reaction with a successful Beaubois from the line of three allowed the Turks to go ahead at halftime (48-51).

The meeting kept the same script after going through the changing rooms. Anadolu Efes, with a lot of work, and with many inaccuracies on both sides, was still ahead thanks to the success of Shane Larkin, but once again, Baskonia reacted and with Enoch and Costello once again at the controls, turned the electronics around. Even so, the defensive oversight at the end again left the Basques behind for the final ten minutes (70-77).

With everything to be decided, the last quarter started with another triple by Beaubois from the corner that opened the gap on the scoreboard (70-80). Although the local desire threatened to close the gap, the lack of success did not allow the team from Vitoria to approach for the moment. Even so, Joan Peñarroya’s men did not lose face to the game and kept pressing to leave a game ending not suitable for the faint of heart.

Two consecutive layups by Howard made Buesa Arena believe again in the comeback. However, it was Marinkovic who confirmed it with a triple that served to equalize (93-93) and encourage a team that ended up forcing extra time. Already in extra time, the local momentum was noted to take the lead with a triple by Howard that unleashed madness in the stands.

Although the Turks continued to reply from the line of three, those from Vitoria entrusted themselves to the American point guard to lead a team that left everything on the court to take advantage of the night against the champion, as they did in Istanbul. Finally, Costello’s two free throws in the last moments were enough to defeat an Efes that was not able to make effective his last possession.


–RESULT: CAZOO BASKONIA, 114 – ANADOLU EFES, 111. (48-51, at halftime).


CAZOO BASCONY: Howard (16), Thompson (19), Costello (33), Giedraitis (7) and Enoch (14) — starting quintet–; Men (3), Marinkovic (9), Ten (5), Kurucs (3), Ndiaye (-), Kotsar (5) and Raieste (-).

Beaubois (19), Clyburn (16), Larkin (21), Pleiss (2) and Singleton (3) — the starting quintet –; Arna (-), Gazi (-), Bryant (7), Zizic (11), Micic (19), M’Baye (2) and Dunston (11).

–PARTIALS: 29-28, 19-23, 22-26 and 28-21.

–REFEREES: Radovic, Panther and Difallah. Eliminated Hommes for fouls.

–PAVILION: Fernando Buesa Arena.