Piqué, fed up with musical jokes, signs his first interview on television: Tremble, Shakira

Patience has a limit and the president of Kosmos has reached his limit. Shakira’s latest song, with jabs at the father of the former footballer and grandfather of his grandchildren (“There is still my ex-father-in-law, who does not step into a grave”), has been the last straw for Gerard Piqué, who will give his first interview television after the separation from the Colombian. It’s time to settle accounts.

Will be on The noobthe Antena 3 program in which the footballer Joaquin He receives well-known people from all walks of life and tries to learn their trades. During the first part of the space, they have a friendly and cordial conversation, without pressure or bad vibes, in which the pace is set by the guest. A format in which Piqué feels comfortable to show a very different face from the one his ex has been portraying for a year now (unfaithful, liar, selfish, stupid…).

Of course, Piqué will not be alone. According to YoTelewill accompany him river, the famous streamer with whom he created the Kings League. It is precisely in his live performance that the Catalan has responded to Shakira’s taunts with her own particular irony.

The program with Piqué still does not have a date but it will be in the current season, which Joaquín premiered last week with a first luxury guest: Ana Obregón. She was followed this Thursday by the presenter of Pasapalabra, Roberto Leal. In the coming weeks we will also see Paco León, Sonsoles Ónega, Bárbara Rey, Manuel Carrasco, Almudena Cid or Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo.