Pilar Rubio, vilified by the group of teachers after her controversial comments: “Ricachona elitist”

Mother of four children with Sergio Ramosassured this Wednesday in The resistance: “The course has just started, what do you want to tell me? Wait until you take an exam or something, what are we doing meeting now? What happens is that it’s a day off for the teachers.” With this comment, pillar blonde has outraged hundreds of teachers and users on Twitter.

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“Pilar Rubio saying that teachers organize meetings with parents because that way we have the day off. Please, Ministry of Education, give me the 67 days off that you owe me”, “Pilar Rubio says that we meet with families so as not to work. Of course, because dating families is leisure and free time” or “I just hope that the families in my class don’t think that in the meetings we have nothing to tell them and that we just want to have a party (not only do we not have a party but they do during non-school hours),” wrote some Internet users. They also call her an “elitist rich woman whose concept of work is to say four nonsense on TV.”

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The interview of the presenter, who came to promote her new reality show, Discovering Canary Islands, was highly commented. She also talked about the times that she has had sexual relations with the PSG player, a recurring question in the interviews of David Broncano in Movistar. “We do it every day, except when I’m in Madrid. Today, because of you, I can’t.” The presenter replied: “It’s incredible that with so many children you can do it, congratulations.” And she settled: “It’s life. My children, at 9:30 p.m., I put them to bed.”