A widow, four children and a charitable foundation: the magnificent legacy of Spiriman

The doctor from Granada who became viral after his health protests in favor of public health on social networks He passed away this Friday at the age of 46.. For two years, Jesús Candel, better known as Spiriman, was battling metastatic lung cancer that gave him a reprieve a few months after starting treatment, but came back stronger. His death has devastated his followers and friends, who exceeded half a million on Instagram, but especially his wife, now a widow, and the four children they shared.

Spiriman was very secretive about his private life but did boast about the love of his life on occasion. They met at university, while they were studying Medicine, and it was she who encouraged him to continue when he was about to throw in the towel on her. “I am married to a woman who gives me a thousand turns in everything and whom I love madly”, He said. “My wife has dreamy green eyes and when I hear this song I get horny. Ayyyyyyy! What would I do without her? If I’m alive it’s because of you, my love. I love and adore you, green eyes.”

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They had four children, whom Dr. Candel adored: Jesús, Álvaro, Eugenia and Antonio, all of them fans of Marvel superheroes, as their father once said. In recent months, they have become his greatest support: “Now, all that annoying energy that resides in me, I dedicate it to my children,” he joked after being diagnosed.

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Last July, in the middle of chemotherapy treatment, he shared a photo, taken by his wife, while walking with his children through the dunes of Bolonia beach (Cádiz): “I’m left with the fact that I tried, that I was covered by my children, that they went up and that I could see them. I ask that God who is inside each one, to give me strength to come next year, to continue seeing them from the middle, from below or accompanying my wife while reading a book. I want to live and see them grow so much, that I write this text between tears and a deep emotion that makes me feel that this fucking cancer is not going to be able to me”.

A few months earlier, in December, he had already dedicated a precious message to them after a walk through the countryside: “Now they walk. I am following them, watching them grow. They will make their way. I will follow behind to remind them of what I taught them. I am following my path.” They are the force that makes me live and believe. The love of a child is for me the GREATEST thing in the world that you can have.”

Social networks have been filled with messages of condolence upon learning of Spiriman’s death and many familiar faces have wanted to send their condolences and affection to the family, such as Paz Padilla or Esther Arroyo.

It will be all of them who continue with the work of Spiriman, who in his last months was dedicated to his foundation, UAPO (Oncology Patient Support Unit). Through her he tried to mitigate the effects of cancer and its treatments through sports and physiotherapy for the patient’s well-being.