Pilar Rubio announces a “new professional adventure” after the signing of Sergio Ramos by Sevilla: “In English?”

This Monday, September 4, Sergio Ramos he starred in the sports news of the day: his return to Sevilla FC, the first club in his life from which he left to sign for Real Madrid when he was only 19 years old. In full turmoil, pilar rubio He has left an enigmatic message this Tuesday on his social networks.

“Preparing a new adventure”, the presenter has written on her Instagram profile along with a photograph in which she appears working next to the computer. She accompanies the post with the secret emoticon, the emoticon of strength, that of a camera and that of an airplane, for which she even implies that the enigmatic project could be carried out outside our borders.

“In English?”, he asked Tania Llasera on the comment wall. The mystery has also been around the rest of his followers, who are more than 10 and a half million on Instagram. “I’m so glad. You are the best”, she has written to him too Naty Abascal. The collaborator of the anthill He has given no further clues. Vania Millánhis ex-sister-in-law, has sent him: “Always surpassing yourself.”

Rubio, Ramos and their four sons (Sergio, Alejandro, Marco and Máximo Adriano) will begin a new phase after the signing of the former Merengue player by the Seville club. The life of the family already took a turn two summers ago, when the former Merengue defender changed the white house for PSG. The family then moved to Paris, although the presenter’s trips to Madrid were frequent to fulfill her commitments on the television program. Paul Motorcycles. She was traveling by private jet, which is why he has received countless criticisms on social media.

After the signing of the footballer by Sevilla, everything seems to indicate that they will move to the Andalusian region. The central has a farm in Bollullos de la Mitación, a municipality that is only 20 minutes from the center of the Seville capital. It is also a very special place for both of them, since they celebrated their wedding there in 2019. The farm has 13,000 square meters, a paddle tennis court and a soccer field.