Losantos, on the state of Luis Rubiales with Letizia in the World Cup final: “I was high”

Federico Jimenez Losantos returned this past Monday to the microphones of esRadiofrom which the Turolense announcer celebrated the start of the fifteenth season of his station by calling those of the Popular Party “fools” or “coup plotters” Pedro Sanchez.

But perhaps the worst stop of the morning speech was Luis Rubiales, according to the journalist “a mamarracho” who in the World Cup final “was high”. “They do an analysis like that of footballers and he doesn’t leave the stadium,” he added.

It is not the first time that Losantos has fired at Rubiales, whom he renamed in an article in digital freedom as “Hueviales” and of which he already insinuated that he took narcotic substances during the final held in Australia and in which the women’s soccer team was proclaimed world champion.

This is how the writer and columnist narrated it: “Hueviales threads excuses or lies and applauds when doing so. It took him five days, from Sunday to Friday, to say that the huevil boast was a gesture to Vilda and that it was Jenni who invaded his space physical, he raised his Tarzanesque anatomy and consented to the snog, which he calls a peak, as if it were coke, from that briefcase that he said they could put in the car”.

And he finished off by launching these insinuations: “I’m not going down that path. But I suggest examining Hueviales’s gestures throughout the celebration. What uncontrolled vigor, what uncontrollable euphoria.”

A “boor”

Losantos is one of those who believe that Rubiales is a “bump” and about the last meeting of the Royal Spanish Football Federation he says that “Hueviales’ speech was an applied reading of Sánchez’s Manual of Resistance before the plenary session of grassroots football or fan, very grateful for the money that his master extracts from the big clubs and that, like a good socialist, he distributes among the little ones, keeping the best part”.

He tries to relate the now-suspended manager to the President of the Government: “Rubiales is simply what it seems. Just like Sánchez. What happens is that it is difficult for us to admit that we live in a country where behaviors like this have become normal, or, said in the Cervantine sense, exemplary”.

Losantos also heralds the space of Sumar and Podemos by saying that “the Hueviales Case reveals the extent to which corrupted machismo feeds on corrupting feminism and vice versa. Yolanda and Montero need a Rubiales to justify a discourse that condemns men for the fact that it is.”

The bag of cocaine

In one of his attacks, Losantos refers to Rubiales’ striking warning after uncovering his audios about the negotiations to take the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia to the delight of Gerard Piquéwhose company Kosmos secured a 24 million euro premium.

The manager stunned the staff with this speech: “I do not drink alcohol, and I do not smoke, but I do not guarantee that tomorrow they will put a bag of cocaine in the trunk. I have had a bad time because people have been harmed. When I called Piqué I told him ‘I am worried about it splashing on you, your family, my family…’ I don’t deserve this, my daughters and my family don’t deserve this.”

At that time Rubiales used arguments based on feminism to bring the Spanish tournament to a theocracy: “The Federation has managed to make women sit with the rest in Arabia, before they sat alone.”