“Pep is incomparable, he is a genius, impossible to imitate”

Javier Mascherano is the protagonist of the “Report +” that Movistar + launches exclusively this Thursday from 10 p.m.

The former Argentine player, who played for Barcelona and Liverpool, among others, reviews his football career and compares the styles of Pep Guardiola and of Luis Enrique as coaches: “The importance of coaches has nothing to do with the titles you win, but with the importance they had in your career and how much they made you grow”.

Mascherano leaves the work of Guardiolsaying that “The most influential could be Pep because of the drastic change, but hey, Luis Enrique it was also to give our idea another spin. I think Pep is incomparable, he is a genius, impossible to imitate. Luis (Enrique) is there for Pep, but he is more attainable for those of us who pretend to be coaches. As a coach I intend to resemble Luis more because I know that I will never be able to reach Pep”.


Javier Mascherano