The paralysis in Valencia right now it is total. While the teams position themselves in the market in order to seduce the players they consider interesting, in Valencia everything is at the expense of Murthy returning from Singapore and make known. Transfers, renewals, signings… Everything is in stand by. Also the possible departures of players who do not count for the next project, provided that Bordalás is in charge of the 2022-23 project.

Shield/Flag Valencia

And in this group are the footballers who left on loan from Valencia but have to return because they have a contract with Valencia. They are the cases of Jorge Saenz, Cristian Rivero, Manu Vallejo and Vicente Esquerdo. None of them has stood out in their respective assignments this season, so They still don’t count for Bordalás. However, on July 7 they will return to Paterna and will have to put themselves under the command of the man from Alicante.

Photo of George

The most special case is that of Jorge Saenz. The central He has not played an official match with the Valencia shirt. He has a contract for two more seasons. This season he has added two new assignments. The first, in the sea ​​from Portugal. There he made a hole in eleven, from the start, but in October he stopped playing and changed his mind. In it mirandésin Second, yes it was a fixed and played all the matches in which he was available. Of course, it will be difficult to convince Bordalás during the preseason since he already knows him from last year.

Photo by Cristian Rivero

The goalkeeper Cristian Rivero is another significant case. Last year was renewed until 2024 and they told him that he was going to have a place in the Valencia first team. In the end no goalkeeper came out and was relegated to being the fourth goalkeeper. In January he left on loan to Alcorcóna team that has ended up being relegated to the 1st RFEF. He only played three games. Not even the departure of Dani Jiménez gave him options to play. He also has no chance of being part of the squad.

Photo by Manu Vallejo

Manu Vallejo contract ends in 2023 and will also return transfer on July 7. The man from Cádiz left on loan to Alavés in Januarybut he has not been a starter either at the bottom of the category. He participated starting from the bench in almost all the games and scored a goal and provided an assist, both against Granada, his best game. With a one-year contract, it will be difficult for Bordalás to want to have him againalthough if he has any offer, he could be given the letter of freedom.

Vicente Esquerdo's photo

Finally, there is the case of Vicente Left. The man from Alicante has ended up making a place for himself as a starter in Castellón, in the 1st RFEF, finally playing 19 games in the bronze category of Spanish football. Some numbers that do not invite optimism with the possibility of staying in the first team next season. He has a contract until 2024. In any case, he will be scheduled for July 7 to start the stage.