Penélope Cruz confesses her fear of driving: “My sister was hit by a car in front of me”

Penelope Cruz it is flesh and bone. The actress, who has been classified as a “perfect woman” due to her colossal beauty and her great gift for acting, has confessed that her biggest fear is getting behind the wheel. Her reason: her sister (Monica Cruz) was hit by a car and she witnessed it.

“My sister was hit by a car in front of me when I was eight or nine years old. I remember she was wearing a red coat. And for me, time stopped. It's a great trauma, because I saw her lose consciousness,” he said. the actress to the magazine Elle for the promotion of his new movie Ferrari. Thus, although Mónica emerged unharmed from the accident, the protagonist of Parallel mothers The bitter memory of that day still haunts him. “I'm afraid of driving,” she admitted.

Beyond her sister, who is in the eye of the hurricane for her alleged romance with Alejandro Sanz, the 2010 Oscar winner spoke about her husband (the also renowned actor Javier Bardem) and his two children: Leo (12) y Luna (10). Regarding the little ones, the actress is clear that they themselves will decide if they want to be public figures. “They have to decide if they are going to have a job that is more exposed to the public or not. They can talk about that when they are ready,” she said.

Regarding Javier Bárdem, with whom she has been married for 13 years, she has acknowledged that he is a great imitator and a good dancer. “He sings and he is a great dancer. And he does an amazing impression of Mick Jagger. He imitates Al Pacino and De Niro talking to each other. It's incredible,” he said.