Gabriela Guillén claims the affiliation of her son with Bertín Osborne: “Everything is in the hands of my lawyers”

Nervous but willing to put the cards on the table. This is how the ex-girlfriend of Bertin Osborne on a television set to tell, in detail, what her relationship with the singer was like before, during and after her pregnancy. Three weeks after giving birth to the presenter's sixth child, Gabriela Guillén He defends himself against all accusations and opens Pandora's Box: “I know that the story of the Latin girl who comes to catch the man sells but, if I wanted to, I would already have several children from several well-known people. I have not lacked opportunities.”

And Bertín Osborne was not, precisely, the prototype of the businesswoman: “I didn't like him because of how he treated women, but he knows how to seduce and in the end, it happened.” He assures that they got to know each other without putting labels on their relationship but without hiding: “I spent time with him, with his family, his friends… And he with mine. It was very nice.” Until the pregnancy test indicated the two lines: “I found out about the pregnancy and I called him right away, he stayed silent and the first thing he said was 'Don't fuck with me.'” Gabriela denies the latest information from Bertín's entourage, who claim that she waited a month and a half to tell him the news: “It's not true, I found out and the first one I called was him.”

Gabriela claims that Bertín gave her two options: continue with the pregnancy or terminate it. If she chose the first, her relationship ended: “At first I understood his reaction. He is older, he already has grandchildren… but I always wanted to be a mother. He gave me a choice between him and the child. It seemed very ugly to me and I didn't accept it. I told him that I would handle it on my own and I stopped talking to him for a while, because it bothered me a lot. At the time he contacted me to tell me that he missed me, he apologized to me and told me that he couldn't live without me. He suggested that I go to Paraguay and have the child there so that the press would not bother us anymore, but I am not a criminal to have to hide from anything,” he said.

Neither taken advantage nor liar

Gabriela wanted to respond to the insinuations that suggest that this pregnancy would have been a plan to 'catch' Bertín: “We were as careful as we had to be when maintaining relationships. I never cheated on him. The pregnancy was a surprise for both of us”. And he adds: “I understand that he doesn't want to be a father, but he has to take responsibility for his actions.”

On the other hand, the model has placed her breakup with Bertín in mid-July, while the presenter's entourage speaks of two to three weeks before: “The environment can say what they want, but they didn't sleep with us”. And she responds in this way to the insinuations that it was she (or those around her) who leaked the pregnancy to the press: “It was leaked by someone in her circle, not mine. I can't give names because it is prosecuted.”

From money to DNA tests

Gabriela reaffirms that she has only received two transfers from Bertín Osborne: “He offered to help me financially, but never with the intention of buying my silence. He made two transfers to me, the amounts I reserve for myself. When he tells a journalist who is going to ask me for a DNA test, something he doesn't tell me, I break up with him again and tell him that I don't want anything else.

The model is very upset by the lack of communication with the presenter: “He could have avoided all this by talking to me. I don't understand why he doesn't tell me that he wants a DNA test, which I understand, and I have to find out from on TV. We could have done it privately, without announcing it.

Regarding the rumors about an alleged parallel relationship between her and another boy, she bluntly states: “I am very clear about who the father of my son is, if Bertín has doubts he should have called me and talked to me.” And she announces: “Everything is in the hands of my lawyers. I have to ensure the rights of my son and if he needs to know if he is the father, then go ahead.” “Are you going to request the filiation, the paternity of Bertín through the courts?” the commentators have asked him. “I can't talk, my lawyers are working on all that.”