Pellicer: “Pablo Chavarría makes his teammates better”

Demanding matches against Mallorca and Espanyol. “We are going to focus on tomorrow's game against Mallorca. They are two rivals now that pose a major challenge, two teams that last year were in the First Division and we know what their objectives and their squads are. We are in that phase of worrying about ourselves. We have to know that we are in this process, that the dynamics must be extended and we want to do it. We will continue with the line of being an intense team and keep the pace high throughout the game. We are going to face an opponent who is a predator, when he dominates and when he is dominated, who feels comfortable and with fast transits. A solid team. You have to go to the limit to maintain the level and not lower the intensity level. You have to be very focused and 200 percent to be able to compete ”.

Announcement. “Benkhemassa leaves because of that problem he has had, a player with whom we are very happy, with the performance he is giving. Alberto Quintana and Julio enter, who were not called up against Mirandés and we took Gonzalo, because it is a long trip in case there is a problem, which we hope not. For that dynamic. This year we have no filial problems, like last year. The games away from home we will have three goalkeepers as long as the reserve team is covered ”.

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Mallorca analysis. “It is a team that handles all the records. He has not conceded a goal in seven games and that is within the reach of very few in the category. It has a large part of the First Division block. They are two teams that by squad and situation we know perfectly well that they are going to evaluate our capacity. We go with great respect and without fear of anything. We have to be very aggressive with the ball. We prepare the game like Zaragoza's, with the same enthusiasm, trying to keep up with the high rhythm in the second half and hurt it with the ball. They are two litmus tests. This group of players has attitude and not fear ”.

Team moment. “There are more positive than negative things. We live in the moment. It is clear that there are phases of the game in the second parts in which you want to keep pushing up, the other day we needed to do more damage to the opponent in the transitions. On a physical level, we are making great strides, also in attitude. It is something on an emotional level, which we are working on. Few teams can maintain that high pace, except for Mirandés, according to physical data. Now we are facing teams with different conditions. We are in the process of improving, but we do it by scoring points. We have to be realistic, we are in that period for all teams ”.

Jairo. “Like the rest of his colleagues, he is working at an impressive level, and above all we have to think and be very balanced at an individual and collective level. Jairo comes that he did not compete continuously, and we are very happy. We have no doubts, this coaching staff, together with the players, are here to support. You have to be patient with certain players, not put pressure on them. Any action changes and the player flows. They are all going to improve performance.

Chavarría. “Pablo is a player who came in the last phase of the market, with a fairly high level of training. And in the end the matches he has played there is not much to say about him, you have seen it. We are very happy with everyone. He was already seen against Zaragoza, against Sporting, against Mirandés we gave him rest for his brutal efforts in spaces, falling on the wing, generating spaces… Let's hope he can score a goal tomorrow. I have a lot of confidence in him, he will go to more. He comes very humble and with the illusion of a child. It will give us a very high performance. It makes other colleagues better ”.

Rotations in goal. “The beauty of football is this, the debate and being able to talk about tactical situations. It is the good thing and I am delighted. It is a situation in which we have two goalkeepers, along with Gonzalo, who are training well. I have already spoken with them, it will be a decision of the coaching staff and we will do it depending on the game and the situations. I will not go into whether he will play one day or the other. It will be based on what I see. We do not know if justice exists in that regard. They work hard. From there the decision is made by us. It is a normal and beautiful topic of discussion. I have a lot of confidence in them, and I tell them anything face to face. Play whoever plays has all the confidence. If from there someone plays more often, you will see it. The group is managed by us. Holy problem, I repeat. Last year we did it with the subsidiary, and it is the best thing for the team, not for one or the other, nor to satisfy both of them ”.

More rotations. “It was normal after the Zaragoza game, after the short recovery time. More than rotations, we trust everyone. They have all participated. What we want? We settle down, the bases. Our model, beyond the drawing, now with five below and three above, have variety. This match shredder means that in training you do not stop at a system. From there we are happy. But it is the best way, there is a risk of injury, the players take their physique and mind to the limit, and now there are two games with little recovery. We are going to prepare tomorrow's trying to get the best eleven to go for victory. From there, the Espanyol game will come. Possibly there will be changes, of course, but we have to understand it as something normal. Competition demands a high level of stress from you. There are circumstances.

Team moment. “We are in season and points. Since I have been here I have not looked for any excuse. Blessed situation in which we are with the points that we have at this point. We are not really aware, the classification is unreal, we compete to continue there, but our goal is to save the category. And from there be ambitious, we are at Malaga. It is hard, but does nothing the situation is very difficult. Remember, there is no euro. I am happy and excited about what I see, but bad times will come and we will remember the points we have achieved. We need to be prepared.

Benkhemassa falls from the call

On the other hand Sergio Pellicer has facilitated the relationship of expedition members to Mallorca, where the absence of Benkhemassa and the presence of three goalkeepers with Gonzalo as a novelty stand out. Alberto Quintna and Julio also enter. Ismael, Hicham and Joaquín Muñoz are still in the process of recovery.

This is the list Juan Soriano (1), Dani Barrio (13) and Gonzalo (37) goalkeepers. Mejías (2), Lombán (4), Juande (5), Cristian (7), Luis Muñoz (8), Orlando Sá (9), Jairo (10), Chavarría (12), Yanis (17), Matos (18 ), Jozabed (19), Caye Quntana (29), Calero (21), Escassi (26), Ale Benítez (26), Ramón Enriquez (30), Alberto Quintana (31) Cristo (33), Julio (34), and Larrubia (39).