It is very difficult to get excited about this Athletic

The uneasiness around Athletic it is mutating. Now there is generalized anesthesia, people neither feel nor suffer. As there is no public in San Mamés, the feeling is that the 'feedback' between the parties is not the same. There's no communication. Some fans have even disengaged, they have lost the routine of going to the field and do not know well when the lions play. The time changes and the rojiblancos' own football do not help either.

Perhaps the protagonists are not aware of the exhaustion by not being reflected with a loud whistle in San Mamés. I am not at all favorable to wind music during a game, but a good portion at the end would serve to confirm the discomfort with the green … and with the box.

Because the Athletic He's getting deep into the mud and I don't know if they know it inside. Then the regrets will come and the “how difficult it is to get out of here at this point.” The trend is dangerous. Having regard to the completed schedule segment and the performance of the Garitano, logic invites us to think that the Athletic is going to move in swampy land.

Outside, people end up falling asleep, waiting for the next disappointment to come. Neither anger nor disappointment, I feel it in the first person, it is already indifference. I do not expect much from the season, although there is time to reverse the situation. Something has gone wrong when we know in advance that ahead there is a historical appointment in the form of the end of Cup.

I hear about the opportunities for the youth players, who are entering little by little. Then I access the website of the Athletic, in the statistics section of the 2020-21 campaign I order the footballers by minutes and see Black pudding the 12th, to Villalibre the 15th, to Sancet the 16th and enter Vincent, Zarraga Y Victor add up to 71 minutes. Some games are won, others are lost (for the moment more) and so we continue. The reality is that it is very difficult to get excited about this Athletic.