Adrià Pedrosa, to whom a good future was already venturing when he debuted like a rocket with Joan Francesc Ferrer Rubi in the 2018-19 season, he is being one of the best Espanyol players. Solid in defense, the phase in which he had shown the most weaknesses, and sharp in attack, where most of the parakeet team’s plays pass. The winger was the best in the ruin of Getafe (2-1) and thrashed against Granada (2-0), the icing on his extraordinary campaign, untouchable as much as Raúl de Tomás, Diego López or Sergi Darder.

Pedrosa and Jordi Alba, who will hardly see each other in the derby, travel parallel paths on the pitch, they never cross each other, but for the blue and white the Barça career is a mirror to look at. Like the international, Pedrosa started playing at the extreme and was a fixture in the lower ranks. Not as attacking as Alba (who became a midfielder and did not start as a winger until Unai Emery repositioned him in Valencia), but just as protagonist in the offensive game. His technicians always stood out from the blue and white “His speed, overflow and ability to center accurately.”

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* Data updated as of November 18, 2021

Vicente Moreno set out from day one to recover that player who marveled when he debuted, but who was also swallowed by the black hole of relegation. Pablo Machín took the title from him and little was known about his performance. Change of scene was a real option, but finally the footballer became aware that playing in Second could be a way to gain momentum. Moreno gave him ownership and the side was more and more decisive.

Photo of Alba

Photo by Adrià Pedrosa

This season he accumulates a goal, an assist and has a 20% success rate in the centers, the same figure as Jordi Alba, only surpassed by Aleix Vidal (30%) at Espanyol. Espanyol’s game system strengthens the side, always accompanied by false wingers such as Javi Puado and Nico Melamed, who leave the band released. It will also happen at the Camp Nou. Pedrosa’s speed will be an asset on the counterattack, as will Alba’s centers and his depth at Barcelona.

The footballer, who ends his contract in 2023 and was not transferred this summer despite the club putting him on the showcase, is in the process of renewing with Espanyol although his market is beginning to be prominent. At 23, he is on a firm path and is consolidating, as in his day Alba, as one of the best left-handers in the championship.