Pedro Acosta: “It hurt me at first not to be an official KTM rider, but now I’m happy”


The Spanish MotoGP rider Pedro (KTM) does not hide that it hurt him “at first” to make the jump to the ‘queen’ category in the satellite team of the Austrian brand, but that now he is “happy”, highlighting that they are making ” good steps.”

“I had been wearing orange for three years, I have been wearing red and I am very happy with this year’s team. They are people in orange camouflaged in red and I am very happy with the bike they are giving me and with the contribution they are giving me. It hurt me at first, but now I’m happy,” said Pedro Acosta in an interview with ‘DAZN’ that airs this Wednesday.

The one from Mazarrón remembers that at the Grand Prix of the Americas, where he was second in Sunday’s race and “the first time” that they were “competitive all weekend.” “It was the first time that on the bike we eliminated a couple of problems that we had and that we took a big step. I think that between what we are pushing and in the factory, we are taking good steps,” he admitted.

In addition, he also refers to his overtaking Marc Márquez (Ducati) in Losail (Qatar) and which he downplays. “It motivates me to beat Pedro Acosta. Once again I crashed in Le Mans (France), so I’m not fighting with him right now,” the KTM rider is sincere.

As for his idols, Acosta is clear that he would like to be more like “Valentino Rossi” than Cervera. “I have built a relationship with him since he invited me to his race in the winter and I think he has done many good things for motorcycling,” he warned.

“If Valentino said he was doing a wildcard in Barcelona, ​​the paddock would be full. He has been the one who has moved MotoGP and the one who makes MotoGP MotoGP. He is the one who has guided all of us kids. He is the father of the entire paddock,” added the Murcian.

In any case, there is no doubt that he would choose Dani Pedrosa as a teammate of any driver in history. “I think he should have won many more titles than he did. It is impressive that such a small person rides in a MotoGP like that, he has an innate talent that no one has right now, only Stoner or Valentino were at that level,” he stressed. .