Concern about the state of health of José María Manzanares, on urgent sick leave

At 42 years old, José María Manzanares is going through a difficult time. His health condition is delicate, so his team has issued a statement to announce that has received medical leave due to illness that prevents you from fulfilling your professional commitments.

“Right-hander José María Manzanares suffers from viral pneumonia complicated by a bacterial infection. Follow antibiotic treatment. He requires rest and his improvement is foreseeable in the coming days. The right-hander will be absent from his next commitments until he recovers,” reads the announcement that he shared on his social networks.

The teacher, who has not shared any more details about his current situation, has received a flood of messages of encouragement from his followers, who have written answers such as “Get well soon”“Much encouragement, maestro”, “Master, I’ll wait for you in Alicante, you can’t fail, encouragement and speedy recovery” or “Speedy recovery. Looking forward to seeing you dressed in lights. I dreamed of seeing you in Madrid tomorrow. We are waiting for you. A hug.”

The last time the right-hander went out to the square was on May 16, when he shared the bill with Sebastián Castella and Tomás Rufo at Las Ventas in Madrid, within the framework of the San Isidro festival in the Spanish capital. Two days after his public appearance, he shared photos of this quote on his Instagram, and has remained silent since that day.