Paulina Rubio takes over from Isabel Pantoja as winner and diva of Madrid Pride 2023

paulina rubio return to Spain sooner rather than later. It will be this month of June when the “golden girl” will set foot in Spain again, this time as a diva of Madrid Pride and to collect the Mr. Gay Spain 2023 Award, the same one she received last year. Isabel Pantoja. The Mexican will receive the award and will perform at the final gala of the party just over a month after her recent and controversial visit to our country, in which eschatology has been the protagonist of her public appearances.

The central act of this new visit by Paulina will take place on June 30 in the Plaza de España in Madrid, when the singer will collect the prestigious equality award and will act as the final star of the Pride festivities.

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The organizers of the event, Juan Martin Boll y Nano Garcíadirectors of JN Global Project, are excited to be able to recognize the Central American artist, of whom they highlight her career and her work in the union of the Latin American and Spanish LGTBI+ community, as reported by the magazine Week.

The singer has learned that she has replaced Isabel Pantoja as the winner in Miami, where she continues to promote her latest song It’s not my fault, and she has been delighted with the award and her leading role in the prestigious Spanish Pride festivities: “It is a great honor to be given this award and I am super happy to be able to relive this recognition together with my dear Spanish audience, in Madrid. Let’s go to enjoy equality for all together”, he assured.

Paulina will return to the Madrid capital, to where she will travel with her representative and two other people in Business class, and will stay at the VP Plaza de España Design, in the same suite of this five-star hotel where Pantoja settled. last year.

The artist will stay several days in our country, despite the fact that her last visit has been more than controversial due to her reaction when she was interviewed on the comedian Eva Soriano’s program, when Paulina related a comment by the presenter to the catch of a year before, when she was photographed doing her needs during her stay in Tenerife.

Humorously, Soriano told him: “Oh, I thought you took a stone from Teide or something.” And Paulina stood up to her and said: “Also, too. Oh, that’s bad… Wipe my ass if you can, damn it.” Soriano, stunned, reacted: “But what expression is that?” And Pau: “You weren’t a joker, dude?” Soriano tried to settle: “Do you go to people and tell them ‘wipe my ass’?” The Mexican artist replied: “Are you taking me seriously or are you taking me…?” Soriano has acknowledged that she was unaware of the scatological episode of the artist between the stones of the volcano.

Paulina’s ex-husband, Vallejo-Nágera flowsand father of his 13-year-old son Nico, delved into the controversial visit by acknowledging that he knew that Paulina was coming, “I thought she was in Miami with our son”, and he was implacable with his behavior in the television interview: “She’s old enough to do what she wants,” she commented sarcastically.