Patricia Rodríguez will occupy one of the vice-presidencies of LaLiga

“After the term established in the electoral calendar for the presentation of appeals against the provisional proclamation made on June 17, and since no appeal has been filed, LaLiga has definitively proclaimed the candidacy of Patrícia Rodríguez Barrios (Elche CF, S.A.D). Therefore, by virtue of those established in the General Regulations of the National Professional Football League (Book III, Art. 7, Ap.1), as the number of applications received is equal to that of the existing vacancies, it is designated, without more procedure, Second Vice President of LaLiga, Ms. Patricia Rodríguez Barrios (Elche CF, SAD) “. This is how LaLiga has announced a new appointment.

The official LaLiga statement highlights that “Patricia Rodríguez will be the first woman to occupy this executive position in the LaLiga Delegated Commission, the institution's highest governing body.” And he adds: “Rodríguez has been CEO of the LaLiga SmartBank club since June 2019. Before that, she was part of the SAD Eibar leadership, as CEO. The appointment of Patricia Rodríguez as Second Vice President of LaLiga joins Miguel's Ángel Gil as First Vice President of the institution As it is stated in the LaLiga Bylaws, one of the main functions of the Vice Presidents is to represent and give voice to the clubs and SAD of the category they represent. Presence in the highest governing bodies of LaLiga gives them the ability to defend the interests of the clubs, as well as to express the concerns and sensitivities of the category. “

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* Data updated as of June 23, 2020

LaLiga also recalls other functions: “It will also be the function of the vice-presidents to maintain a direct and two-way communication relationship with all the clubs and SAD, keeping them informed about those matters of special relevance, promoting unity and coordination between the clubs, and valuing individual situations without forgetting the general interest of all the clubs and SAD “.