Llorente: “When a player is well and with confidence, it shows”

Marcos Llorente, protagonist in the play of 0-1 at Levante-Atlético, he attended the Movistar microphone to analyze the victory of his team.

Sensations after linking the third victory: “Yes, we are very happy to chain another victory and three more points that are very important. The teams in our area are leaving points and adding three by three brings us closer to the goal.”

Short result? “When you don't manage to kill the match, in the end the opponent sees only one goal below and goes for them all. He has kept us a little locked up, but we have known how to hold on and take that victory.”

Play from 0-1: “I saw that I could receive and in that area of ​​the field if you manage to turn is half a goal and that has been the case with that touch of fortune.”

With trust: “When a player is well he notices it, he feels it, his morale and confidence go up and he is reflected on the field.”

Third place: “The Champions League is the goal. We deserve it, the club and the fans deserve it and that is what we are going to fight for.”

Later, he attended the media at the press conference.

He's performing very well as a forward.

It is one more position that I can add to my game, an option to help the team and I am happy.

Do you feel at your best?

Yes, it is the best moment in which I find myself. I feel very good, with hardly any discomfort that allows me to make my game one hundred percent and when the results accompany everything, it seems more beautiful.

How are you playing upstairs?

I stand where the coach and the team need me, whether he is a midfielder, a right wing or a striker. I feel like a soccer player and where the coach thinks he can help I will give everything. Living games like this for a footballer is incredible, it gives you a lot of confidence in the face of other games and it is what is happening to me.

Is there any hesitation with Morata and Costa?

There is hesitation for my position, not for who plays. There is hesitation because it is rare to see a defensive midfielder occupying the forward position and that always causes players to joke, but everyone is very happy that I am doing well. We are a family, we support each other and this is how it looks on the grass.