Patricia Pardo, pregnant, returns to television: “It’s a boy. God willing, he will arrive in January”

Patricia Pardo has returned this Monday of his summer vacations to get back in charge of the summer program. The presenter thus resumes her work on Telecinco with special expectation for the public, since she does so after the surprising announcement of her secret wedding from a year ago with Christian Gálvez and her pregnancy: “He’s a boy. God willing, he’ll arrive at the beginning of January.”

Thanks to that double announcement launched by both on their social networks, the July 29Before her vacation, the Galician has returned to her program without having to hide the progressive growth of her belly. “I’m fatter than in previous pregnancies, but I’m doing great,” she explained during her intervention on the program.

As it could not be less, the news of her pregnancy has focused the broadcast, so much so that Pardo has delved into future baby name: “We have a little dispute because each one likes a different one”, and he has also made it clear that he will not have the name that his seven and four-year-old daughters want from his previous marriage to Francisco Márquez. “They have always said that they wanted it to be Carlos, but he will not be able to be. I’m sorry, daughters, I don’t see it,” she has sentenced.

Such is the pride that the 43-year-old actor feels for his wife, that Gálvez has dedicated this message of encouragement to her, with which it is clear that they are in a very sweet moment in their relationship: “You want to enjoy yourself on your return to the cole! Since Monday, Patricia Pardo in the AR program“In this way, Almudena Cid’s ex is full of Patricia and her ‘back to school’, after the holidays they have enjoyed together.

Christian and Patricia’s summer

Patricia Pardo and Christian Gálvez have spent the summer in different tourist spots in our country, but it stands out above all Galicia for being her birthplace and where much of his family is.

His recurring trips to Galician lands this summer were justified even more with the news that the presenters had bought a house therespecifically in the municipality of Hada, close to the famous Betanzos estuary, where they will surely spend long periods of time raising their baby in such a natural and relaxing environment.