Patricia Montero and Álex Adrover confess at the Forqué Awards what their wedding will be like in 2024

Immersed in the preparations for what will be one of the most special days of their lives, Patricia Montero and Álex Adrover were seen this Saturday at the 29th edition of the José María Forqué Awards and the truth is that there is no doubt that they are still the most in love.

It was in 2017 when they got engaged for the first time, with an original and romantic underwater request, but it won't be until next year when they seal their love forever.

Wearing one of the most striking outfits and one of the trends that we have already seen in other photocalls, Patricia has chosen a 'little hood' look with a red dress with a hood and the actor a black suit with a white shirt.

After posing on the red carpet, both have spoken to the media and have confessed to us that their wedding is going ahead… so it seems that there is nothing that is going to stop them: “We already have the venue paid for, “We have no other choice.”

Álex confessed to us that “we are making all the preparations and the most beautiful thing is that we have people behind the preparations and that makes us feel very calm” and he also told us that “it is going to be a very atypical wedding, it is not going to be traditional”.

For her part, Patricia revealed to us that “there will probably be several days of wedding, near the sea and nature” and confirmed her fiancé's words, it will not be classic at all since “we even considered the idea of ​​getting married in a swimsuit and the guests too, but we passed because no one confirmed us.

What is clear is that the wedding will take place “after the summer” and that his daughters are extremely excited about the idea: “They are very excited about it” because “it's been five years since I asked for her hand, the girls have been growing up.” and now they will enjoy it much more.”