Patiño, Matamoros and company return with money to pay for interviews and compete against Ana Rosa and Sonsoles

It’s not like we were Shhh (that is, the substitute for Save me) premieres this Monday on Ten with new hours and a interview with the ex of Antonio David Flores, Marta Riescojust as we move forward.

The program presented by María Patiño is relaunched in its third week of life with a new network, schedule and drama to be measured. The heir program of Save me lands on DTT at the state level thanks to the until now tiny channel Ten and advances its schedule to 3:45 p.m. to anticipate the afternoon offer of Antena 3 or Telecinco.

Fabricantes Studio has taken the re-release as a great day by pulling out its checkbook for the first time to conduct a 3-hour interview with Marta Riesco, which will reinforce the magazine presented by María Patiño.

Belén Esteban, Chelo García-Cortés, Kiko Matamoros, Lydia Lozano and Víctor Sandoval are looking forward to the television relaunch of the magazine, which in its first days of life has enjoyed excellent symptoms in the digital field.

morbidity in sight

The one who was a reporter for Ana Rosa’s program She has debuted as an author of erotic stories and This coming Monday ‘cross the Mississippi’ to deal with Patiño, who has seemed happy with the “second chance” they give the interviewee; Belén Esteban, who has admitted that he cannot handle her; or Kiko Matamoros, who remembers that the reporter calls Joaquín Prat “the worst person who has ever set foot on Telecinco.”

“I have been on that program for six years and there have been things that have not been nice towards me, and I have always said it… But, for me, Joaquín Prat did not behave well with me as a producer or program partner, and I’m not afraid to admit it,” Riesco said a few days ago at an event.

There is morbidity served by what Riesco can tell about Telecincowhich is receiving shrapnel through Kiko Matamoros (who has repeatedly charged against Survivors) or even Kiko Hernández (who launched taunts against Ana Rosa Quintana).

Riesco’s relationship with Antonio David Flores is a different storysince Fabricantes Studio could be branded hypocritical if it pays attention to the morbidity about the character they helped kill on television thanks to the docuseries about Rocío Carrasco.

From “abusers” to star interviewee

In April 2023, Riesco was on everyone’s lips for her war against La Fábrica de la Tele and she closed May 2024 as a new star of Fabricantes Studio, which has signed her as the first star guest of It’s not like we were Shhh.

A little over a year ago, Antonio David’s ex lost her job at the magazine Fiesta after a run-in with the reporter Save me Cristina Porta during the presentation of the poster for last year’s San Isidro bullfighting fair.

“48 hours ago I went to do a report. When I got there, they put me next to Save me, a program that I am terrified of because of everything they have done to me. Cristina Porta began to scold me and ask me questions about my partner and questions to get on my nerves. In the end I came in and I was angry at how you saw it. I told them to please stop harassing me, as they had already done, and what did Borja Prado think? [entonces presidente de Mediaset] from all of this. “Then the collaborators cheered and said that I was crazy,” she said.

In a memorable video published on Instagram, which highlighted her smudged mascara, she explained how they had slammed the door on her to be a reporter: “Today, when I returned to my program, they told me that I can’t do live shows again because I’m not allowed.” mess with those people from the network, who have hurt me so much. I mean, they can mess with me, but what I can’t do is mess with them directly. All the things I said are true. bad for those people.”

Another past war against Jorge Javier Vázquez already removed her from the Telecinco antenna: “I spent six months making photocopies. In this way they have informed me again that they do not want me to do live broadcasts as a reporter again. Once again the abusers win again. Honestly, no one knows what I’ve been through this year but it has been the worst of my life. Even if you see me laughing, it is very hard to go to places with a job where they insult you, humiliate you and ridicule you. that if she is healthy she ends up crazy.

And he concluded: “I blame La Fábrica de la Tele for anything that may happen to me.”

Porras about the re-release of It’s not like we were Shhh

Have around 1% share, the trial program Case closed moves around 2% in the afternoons and There is some expectation for the data that is reached It’s not like we were Shhhwhich if it achieves the success of yesteryear, could at least come close to or surpass the offers of La Sexta or Cuatro.

The magazine presented by María Patiño does not start with options to compete against Antena 3 or Telecincobut it is foreseeable that the offers of the 2 main private chains will be worn out starting this coming Monday.