Carlo Costanzia scratches money from Telecinco after the arrest of his children in Italy: he will talk about Mar Flores in ‘De Viernes’

Carlo Costanzia of Costigliole sits on a set for the first time after 20 years of silence and does so this Friday on the Santi Acosta and Beatriz Archidona program on Telecinco. His interview comes after the arrest of two of his sons in Italy: Pietro, accused of alleged attempted murder; and Rocco, as an alleged accomplice.

The Italian sits on the same set where his son Carlo has talked about his life, his childhood, his brothers and Alejandra Rubio. And he does it just a few weeks after the young man’s last interview.

His interview has great expectations. According to Telecinco, “he will talk, among other things, about the judicial situation of his children, his life in Milan and what his relationship with Mar Flores has been like all these years.”

New interview with Ángel Cristo Jr.

In addition, Mediaset continues to release content from Ángel Cristo Jr. despite his disciplinary expulsion from Survivors, because the son of the Murcian star will answer his mother and sister with a new interview on the program. It comes after the complaints of Bárbara Rey and Sofía Cristo, who consider that Mediaset is exercising media violence against an abused woman.

The atmosphere between both parties has become especially heated as a result of the red ribbon that Ángel has worn on the island and also upon his return. He wears it in honor of her father, as he himself has confessed. Other issues, such as the lawsuit that Bárbara and Sofía have prepared against them, will also be discussed on the program; as well as the matter of Finito de Córdoba and Arantxa del Sol, expelled from all Mediaset programs after talking about the slap she gave to the circus tamer’s son on a boat.