Pantoja plays distraction: “I will go to my daughter’s wedding as my name is Isabel”

One Pi will say “yes, I want” to Asraf Beno next October 13 in Seville and the great unknown remains in the air: will Isabel Pantoja to the big family event despite the distance between mother and daughter? The environment of the tonadillera assures that it has not even crossed her mind; she, however, has denied them all: “I will go into the life of my daughter as my name is Isabel.”

She stated it this Monday in Gran Canaria, while she was enjoying a chat on the balcony of her hotel room with her friend Maite Pulpón. This is what José Antonio Avilés says: “I heard it from her mouth.” Is it true or is Isabel just playing distraction?

The information contradicts all those that have come out these days, assuring that their assistance was not planned and that they came from their closest environment. Her own daughter has admitted this Tuesday that she did not know anything: “You don’t need to send an invitation to a mother, but I don’t think she will come to the wedding”. And he added: “I want him to come, but I think things are happening in such a way that it won’t be possible.”

They assure that the relationship between mother and daughter is now non-existent. The reason? That the ‘girl’ used the information on the state of health of her brother (who was admitted urgently last July) that her mother provided her in her gathering with Ana Rosa. Kiko Rivera, who had expressly asked the tonadillera not to tell her sister anything, got so angry that she threw the singer out of the hospital and she, apparently, still has not forgiven her daughter for destroying the last attempt at reconciliation with his ‘little soul’.