Luis Rubiales’ father ‘asks for a bench’ between tears: “It is better that he not make statements”

The scandal of the president of the RFEF is dragging his entire family. while his own Luis Rubiales He is still ‘disappeared’ and away from the media spotlight, his mother has captured all the attention with a hunger strike from inside the Divina Pastora church in Motril. Her father, a former local lieutenant, is desperate: “Very bad, very bad…”.

Luis Manuel Rubiales Lopez supported his son during the embarrassing press conference in which he refused to resign. Since then, the situation has become so convoluted that it has reached the British tabloids and the former mayor of Motril for the PSOE has already been left out of the game: “It is better that you do not make any kind of statements. Thanks for the interest”, he said this Tuesday with a taken voice. He has not even been seen in the vicinity of the church where his wife has barricaded herself, since she is accompanied by a sister-in-law.

Luis Manuel studied Psychology and began his working life as a primary school teacher, a time when he lived in the Canary Islands and where his son Luis was born. Back in Granada, he started his political career in the PSOE and was in charge of the mayor’s office for two consecutive legislatures with the support of Izquierda Unida. Later, he left the red formation and went to Convergencia Andaluza.

He was also a delegate for Employment of the Junta de Andalucía in Granada and in 2020 he faced the most delicate moment of his entire political career: the Sevillian prosecutor’s office requested three years in prison and a disqualification from public office for eight years and three months for the case of the EREs. Currently, he is retired and lives in Motril with his wife.