Paco López: “We don't have Gerard Moreno”

The Levante coach, Paco López, regretted the bulky defeat suffered this Sunday against Villarreal but said that the team was true to itself and wanted to risk but that the clash showed the distance between both teams in aspects such as scoring efficiency.

“It costs us more, we don't have Gerard Moreno, that's the reality,” said the coach at a press conference. “We wanted to take risks, because of what was in the environment that if we won we would put on what we would wear from Villarreal, we have gone for touches but it has been seen that the difference between the two teams is what it is and who does not. want to see …. “, he slipped.

“It was us but if you are not effective what happened can happen because they have been,” added the coach.

The Levantine coach pointed out that after receiving two goals they were very soon “groggy” for a few minutes. “Then we got to 1-2 and we wanted to risk against a team with the quality and precision of Villarreal. Until 1-4 arrivals we have had the same but it has cost us to finish. They are very good at spaces and have been terribly effective, ”he assured.

Asked about an action in which the expulsion of the visitor was requested, Francis Coquelin said he had not seen it. “Everyone tells me that it is a clear expulsion, we were 1-3 I do not know what would have happened, we have not had any luck in this regard but when they put five you can say little,” he admitted.

The coach was satisfied with the return of Gonzalo Melero after two months injured and regretted the injury suffered by Jose Campaña in the last previous training session. “He felt a discomfort and let's see what turns out. Doctor Guillén, who operated on him, will see him in Madrid and we will see what he decides ”, he concluded.