The Superliga ensures millionaire income to Real Madrid

The official announcement of the creation of a European Super League has caused an earthquake in the world of football.There are already twelve teams registered in this mammoth competition, six of them belonging to the Premier League: Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City and Liverpool. I mean, the whole Big-Six. The rest of the teams involved are Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid, Inter de Milan, Milan and Juventus. The reaction from UEFA and the main associations and leagues has been immediate. The teams involved are threatened not to be able to participate in international or domestic matches and the warning is extended to their players.

The publication a few months ago by The Times, exclusively, from 18-page dossier that lays the foundations of the Super League sought by the main clubs in Europe, and that Florentino resolutely supports, gives the true keys to the project. And a very solid clue as to why the Madrid president is interested, since, Among the 350 million per head that the 15 founding clubs insure themselves and the 3,500 million that are distributed among them (there is room for 233) for infrastructures, also initially, it can be said that the white entity ensures immediate income of 583 million and which, therefore, would be equivalent to paying at one stroke for the reform of the Bernabéu, for which a loan of 570 million was requested. They are the same initial income that Atlético and Barcelona would ensure.

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These are the most important details of that leaked dossier and that explain the interest of those clubs that intend to take the step of creating the Super League.

350 million to start talking:

That is the amount that is insured, according to the document, each of the 15 founding clubs, including six clubs from England, three from Spain, three from Italy … and among those that in principle there were going to be two from Germany and one, PSG, from France. However, the Germans and PSG have not yet taken the step. In addition to those 15 fixed clubs, there would be another five places that would be accessed for sporting merits. The latter are the only ones that would change year after year.

3.5 billion more to improve infrastructure:

The document provided months ago by The Times revealed that the entity JP Morgan Chase is willing to give another 3,500 million entry, to promote the Superliga project, to be distributed among the 15 fixed clubs (they touch 233 million each), which would serve, to finance “reforms in the facilities” or “to restore part of the income lost due to the COVID crisis. “

Competition system (more matches):

The initial idea raised in the dossier revealed at the time is to play during the week and continue participating in the national leagues. For the Super League Two large groups of 10 teams each would be formed, to play at home and abroad together. The first three of each group would go directly to the fourth final (two-legged, like the semifinals), while those who finish in fourth position would face in a play-off against the fifths to determine the other two quarter-finalists. The final would be a game. Therefore, a total of 18 to 23 games would be played (now, winning the Champions League, 13 are played).

More power for the greats:

The competition ensures a much higher television income than the Champions League now contributes, even more so for the 15 founding clubs than for the five that would access due to sporting merits, and also The Super League would entitle those 15 clubs to show four games to the world through their own digital platforms (websites, televisions, social networks …). This would further increase such income.

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The position of Real Madrid:

Florentino made Madrid's position clear at the last club Assembly, when he told his delegates: “Without all these changes, football could not have been what it is today (in reference to the creation of the European Cup, in which the white club participated actively), but we need a new change. Football has to face up to This new time. And so will Madrid be seeking, as Infantino says, the defense of the fans. The fans themselves find themselves with a saturation of the calendar that makes everything very difficult, even identifying the competition that is being played. There are players who they are injured by this saturation. Football reform cannot wait and must be faced. We have a responsibility to fight for this change. The new generations consume more content. They must improve competitiveness and quality. “ At the moment, it seems that the clubs involved are determined to take the step and UEFA and the Federations, as well as the main leagues, to fight it hard.