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The Spanish athlete Pablo Torrijos, at a rally this year.
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When nobody expected it, maybe not even himself, Pablo Torrijos, in his last attempt, close the Indoor Championships of Spain“disputed in Pray, with a national triple jump record: 17,18. Nothing made venturing record size, ideal summary of a race and three technically impeccable boats. In his previous leaps, Torrijos had not passed 16.78. Then, in a sweaty closing ceremony, the heptathletes filled the track in their final test (1,000 meters). But Pablo had put the authentic and golden epilogue to the competition

Unexpectedly, Torrijos comes out of the gloom after, in 2015, he jumped 17.03 in Antequera and 17,04 in Prague. His mark, minimum Olympic, is relocated in a path of progress that was stopped waiting for, after injuries and hesitations of the Castellon, to open again.

If Torrijos was the great protagonist of the Championship, Orlando Ortega his squire became autonomous. After having won on Saturday the 60 meters hurdles (7.56), yesterday he did the same with the 60 smooth. No man had done anything like us (s a woman, Glory Alozie). Its convincing record (6.65) reveals a promising state of form for the summer. According to his words, he wants to run the 110 hurdles and the … 200 in Tokyo. How it sounds.

The medium-fund, in tactical careers, contains emotions among the profusion of our current and young specialists. In about 800 without lvaro from Above, Dani Andjar and Sal Ordez (bronze in the 1,500), Pablo Snchez-Valladares (1: 53.64) was firmly imposed on Adrin Ben (1: 53.76) and Mariano Garca (1: 53.83). More distressing result, in the 1,500, the victory of Jess Gmez (3: 49.08) before Ignacio Fontes (3: 49.09).

Good for 20.90 of Daniel Rodrguez in the 200 meters and 46.40 of Lucas Ba in the 400.

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