Pablo Guede: “Escassi plays with so much drive and heart that he makes mistakes for that”

In the run-up to the Málaga coach’s appearance, a minute’s silence was observed in the Juan Cortés press room at La Rosaleda in memory of Jorge Ramos Rico, a 101TV journalist who was also on Cadena Ser and AS. Our colleague died last Tuesday of a heart attack while covering a press conference in Antequera. After this emotional moment, Guede answered questions related to tomorrow’s important game.

Oviedo arrives packed, with six consecutive victories and Borja Bastón who has 19 goals. “It’s a great team. He knows what he is playing and he does it very well. In this game we have to be guided by the game we are going to play. That’s where the key will be. When we take them out we can do years and be very aware of the things they can do. With spaces they are lethal. The game will depend on what we let do and what we do in an attacking position. With Borja, when a striker is on a roll, it’s complicated, you have to be more attentive”.

Shield/Flag Malaga

Do you expect a full Rose Garden? “It is not the first day. People turned upside down, also because of what happened on the pitch. They are played in four games, there are four finals. It’s time for everyone from their side to do their bit to get this going. I have it very clear. The initiative that the club had, I have no doubt that Saturday will be a day to remember”.

Jairo will be out due to injury. “He already went to Las Palmas with discomfort. The same are still out of action (Juande, Javi Jiménez and Adrián plus Víctor Gómez). The only one I recover is Escassi. None of the injured recovered.”

Who will come out for Víctor Gómez? “I am clear who is going to be his replacement. Last week Escassi wasn’t there, but I don’t like to give clues. I don’t want to give any. I have players to compete to the fullest” (normally Ismael Casas).

Chavarría? “He will go in the call. I don’t know if he will have minutes. Depending on how the game is, I don’t know.”

With Borja Bastón, when a striker is on a roll it’s complicated, you have to be more attentive

Paul Guede

too many cards? “The important thing about that, that of Escassi is inevitable (expulsion against Eibar), that of the little guy (referring to the expulsion of Víctor Gómez in Las Palmas) if it is avoidable. The others were almost always to cut the game, tactics. I do worry about nonsense. Those that are due to the game do not worry me.

How have these days of work been? “From all points of view, the week was good. I am happy. We train a lot, double shift Tuesday and Wednesday. To work all the same. It was a very good week. Preparing a game that we know he’s not going to. be easy”.

Difference of points with respect to relegation. “I’m not worried about the points difference, we have to focus on ourselves, not worry about what the others do. We have to focus on what is ours, it should not generate pressure and nothing. Our goal must be to beat Sporting. It will be a fight of four”.

Will Malagueño use players from the first team for its promotion phase to the Second RFEF? “I don’t have any problem if the subsidiary’s coach (Funes) requires them. Neither do the players. We are Malaga. If the club and the player want the best. I have no problem, none.”

The Malaguista coach during training this Friday at La Rosaleda.

Match against Las Palmas. “The first part was quite improvable. They were seven very bad minutes in the first half. In those seven minutes they generated so much for us, but we weren’t that bad. We were further behind than we wanted. When you give them spaces they hurt you. With 1-0 we were in the game. We did things better in the second half. They came to us clear, but we did not lower our arms. We had them. In the second half we did better”.

Escassi said at Ser Deportivos Málaga that he often plays like a fan. “Escassi plays with so much drive and heart that he makes mistakes because of it. That’s why I told him: ‘If you keep playing as a fan, you’re not going to play with me’. It is temperamental, it is difficult to clip those wings. He is doing it. I’d rather sin with that than anything else. It may be that there are players who, due to the impetus of wanting to do well, lead you to make worse decisions”.

Decisive calendar. “There are four finals left, there are no more. There are four games left and we have to take them with everything, there are no more”.