Coudet, ironic about Denis: “Let’s pass the quilombo to Aspas”

Before facing the Alaves in BalaidosI find that it can give mathematical permanence to Celtathe duel with the team from Vitoria became a secondary issue in the appearance of Edward Coudet before the media. The Argentine coach, who refused to talk about Santi Mina’s sentence, joked with the offer of Iago Aspas to mediate in the conflict they maintain Denis Suárez and the Vigo club.

Match against Alaves: “We arrived wanting to play a great game against a very needy opponent. It’s a very important game, especially because we didn’t play well against Getafe at home and we want to turn that situation around for our fans”.

Celtic Shield/Flag

Alaves with Julio Velázquez: “Whenever there is a change of coach, the teams play differently. This is another case. We have to abstract ourselves from that difficult situation they have and try to play our part. It’s going to be a tough game and if it gets long it could end up being something similar to what happened in Granada. It is more than obvious that they only serve to win”.

Balance of the season: “Numbers are always made last. It seems to me that the team has an identity, an idea. It was a year to ratify many things and in the football part we have done it. I’m not saying it, but the rival coaches, that our situation in the table is not real”.

Saints Mina: “The club has already spoken and I prefer not to talk about such a sensitive issue.”

Alternatives to Mine: “We are reduced and as soon as we experience difficulties we have to adapt. You pointed out that it is the shortest squad in Europe and it is the first winter that the team has not been reinforced. It was more evident that we were going to have difficulties. The objective was salvation without suffering and we have done it in a different way compared to the teams that jump to save the category. It has not been easy to get here the way we have. I don’t see ghosts.”

Blades and Orbelin as an attack couple: “It is a situation of two players who are more likely to leave the area. I don’t know what can happen.”

Joselu: “They drive me crazy. I read that he had signed… with I don’t remember. Today, I like the ones that are. Looking ahead, there is a long time to go. Football goes a thousand kilometers per hour and there is still a long way to go”.

Denis Suárez: “The situation will have to be resolved by Denis with the club. I think there is a Denis when he arrived and what makes me happy is that today he is a much more complete Denis. He’s going to do the best he can from here to the end because he’s a club boy and he loves the club. I have to say that the club has never objected to me of any kind. They are situations of players that many times the club sets them apart or they do not complete the season. In this sense, the club has behaved well with me and with the need we have to have an important player. If Aspas wants to get involved in this club, why am I going to get involved if he is the owner of Vigo? Let’s pass the kilombo to Aspas”.

Call: Matías Dituro, Néstor Araújo, Denis Suárez, Thiago Galhardo, Fran Beltrán, Nolito, Iago Aspas, Franco Cervi, Rubén Blanco, Tapia, Joseph Aidoo, Javi Galán, Orbelín Pineda, José Fontán, Kevin Vázquez, Augusto Solari, Brais Méndez, Jeison Murillo, Carlos Domínguez, Gabri Veiga and Coke Carrillo.