Oyarzabal: “It was a match to tie”

Oyarzabal He left the pitch with the feeling that Real had “a point of bad luck” against Napoli. “The goal is a shot that bounces and goes inside,” he lamented. “We have not generated very clear chances either, but we have been there. It was a game to tie, maybe we haven't created enough to win but we haven't had any luck ”.

The '10' txuri urdin recognized the solidity of Naples. “Back they were very good, retracted, trying not to leak the balls inside and going against it. It is a game to analyze, learn and continue to grow ”.

“The team played a good game,” said the Eibar. “We have been having good meetings and we want to continue in that line. If you win doing the same game, you leave with other sensations but you don't have to think about the negative, but about what has been done well and to keep improving ”.