Oviedo plays but does not sink Espanyol

Oviedo plays but does not sink Espanyol

The final for promotion leaves a 1-0 in the first leg of Carlos Tartiere that could have been worse for the Catalans


Real Oviedo beat Espanyol (1-0) in the first leg of the LaLiga Hypermotion playoff final, a deserved victory despite the equality of the clash at the Carlos Tartiere, which could have been greater if not for the VAR , so the ticket to First Division is still open.

The Asturian team, with a dedicated fan in search of promotion 23 years later, took the lead thanks to Alemao in the 72nd minute, a 1-0 that ended up being the result with which the return leg begins in Cornellà next Sunday. The goal pushed the locals to go for the second and Masca’s goal did not go up by millimeters.

The VAR annulled the 2-0 due to offside and Espanyol was saved from the harassment of an Oviedo team that will not be able to celebrate excessively. The parakeet team lost like it hasn’t done since February, but at home they will have the option to come back and fulfill their immediate promotion whenever they went down to Second, never more than one year in a row in the silver category.

Oviedo was brave and ambitious, and kept their bet during the 90 minutes. The first half was very even. Espanyol started strong, as they have been doing in these ‘playoffs’, and had the first chance after two minutes through Jofre. Little by little Oviedo grew and had its own in Alemao’s boots.

The Brazilian forward claimed a penalty on that same play, but there was no referee reaction. Although both teams wanted to create danger, there was also the standard handbrake or precaution as a good ending. After the break, after another exchange of arrivals, it was Oviedo who broke loose.

Of the changes, the most decisive was that of Masca for the Asturians, with a good chance after the hour mark, after a beautiful backheel from Alemao. The goalkeeper Joan García excelled, but he couldn’t do the same in a Seoane poisonous foul that almost put him in his goal. The clearance into a conflictive area was caught by Alemao to make it 1-0 and launch his team into the tie.

Oviedo grew and shortly after it was 2-0, in a great play that Masca finished but slightly ahead. The VAR saved Espanyol and the ‘perico’ team accepted the narrow defeat, even with the shock in their bodies, thinking about seeking a comeback in the return leg in front of their audience at the Stage Front Stadium.


–RESULT: REAL OVIEDO, 1 – RCD ESPANYOL, 0. (0-0, at half-time).


REAL OVIEDO: Leo Román; Viti, Luengo, Dani Calvo, Pomares (Bretones, min.61); Luismi (Homenchenko, min.78), Colombatto, Seoane; Paulino (Dubasin, min.35), Sebas Moyano (Masca, min.60) and Alemao (Bastón, min.78).

RCD ESPANYOL: Joan García; Óscar Gil (Balde, min.76), Calero, Cabrera, Oliván (Pere Milla, min.76); Bare, Gragera, Aguado (Sergi Gómez, min.62), Jofre (Salvi, min.62); Puado (Melamed, min.62) and Braithwaite.


1 – 0, min.72, Alemao.

–REFEREE: Arcediano Monescillo (C. Castellano-La Mancha). He cautioned Luismi (min.67) for Oviedo. And Balde (min.71) at Espanyol.

–STADIUM: Carlos Tartiere Stadium.