Gabriela Guillen is willing for her son to take the singer’s last name

Bertín Osborne He issued a statement last Wednesday (jointly with Gabriela Guillen) where he recognized the paternity of what will be his seventh child. Five days after the famous statement, the Paraguayan woman stated this Sunday that her son could bear the singer’s last name.

Gabi is now willing for her son to take Bertín’s last name“, revealed this Sunday the collaborator Sergio Perez from Fiesta. Thus, the model would have changed her mind after signing the joint statement with the ranchera singer, since, last November, Gabriela stated that her baby was not going to bear the presenter’s last name.

Likewise, after months of rumors and speculation about her pregnancy and her relationship with Bertín, the physiotherapist is not closing the door on sitting down on a television set again to tell her truth, as noted from the aforementioned space.

The last time we saw the Paraguayan on a Telecinco set was last February. Gabriela attended for the second time Friday! to demonstrate that her relationship with Bertín had lasted longer than had been rumored. To confirm it, Gabriela Guillen took out her mobile phone and showed photographs with the singer. Some evidence that shows that her courtship with Bertín still lasted during the April 2023 Fair.

Keys to the agreement between Bertín and Gaby

It should be noted that the publication of the statement does not imply that the paternity lawsuit has been withdrawn. In fact, the process continues. One of the conditions for issuing the document is that the singer admitted his paternity before the Judge, and this is how it happened: this Wednesday at noon the singer received in court a document signed by the artist’s lawyer in which the lawsuit was agreed and requested to pay the costs on the grounds that they had acted with good intentions. Five minutes later, the statement was released, as reported by Beatriz Cortázar in Informalia.

They were soon scheduled to undergo these DNA tests and at the time of writing, the physiotherapist had not received an order from the court to cancel the appointment. As long as the Prosecutor’s Office that protects the rights of the minor does not say otherwise, the model will appear next week with her son for that test and will follow the steps indicated by the court. Time will tell how events develop.