Ovation from the networks to Ramón García for his LGTBI question in ‘El Grand Prix’

Once upon a time there was a program that never goes out of style. 18 years after its last broadcast, the quintessential summer contest, El Grand Prizescores a formidable 24.9% of share in his second installment with Ramón García in command.

Although maintaining the traditional essence of the program is synonymous with success, those in charge of leading the contest do not forget that the years pass for everyone and, therefore, the advances of society must be reflected in each broadcast of this new edition. Proof of this, the nod to the LGTBI collective, which the Basque presenter made in front of almost 3 million viewers on Monday night.

The one from Vizcaya had just presented the new game ‘Shooting the penguin’. And as usual, before starting the test, Ramontxu addressed one of the contestants. “Boas noites. We are going to do the same as with the people of Yepes. Who do you want to greet in Brión?” the presenter asked Joséone of the contestants of the blue team.

The uncomfortable silence of the young man in front of the camera was the trigger for Ramón to break the ice: “Are you married?” “No,” the contestant replied. “Do you have a girlfriend?” Ramontxu continues to insist. “Neither”, continued the Galician. “Boyfriend?” the contest host asked. “Neither”, answered, again, the contestant. The one who was also a presenter of What do we bet He ended the round of questions with “Well, say hello to whoever you want.”

It seems simple, but the gesture was widely applauded in networks. “Yes, the Grand Prix has returned renewed, adapted to the new times and, with basic conversations, but unthinkable in another era,” commented the followers of the program on Twitter.