Leonor and Sofía and their nautical plan with friends: they go sailing in the bay of Palma

Summer plan with friends. The Princess of Asturias and her sister Sofía will go sailing this Wednesday the 2nd in the bay of Palma. She will be accompanied by her closest friends. It will be a nautical day without their parents. Just friends. They have commented on it This is lifeciting sources from the newspaper Last hour.

This output would also be off the agenda. Just like the bucolic and summer walk through the Jardines de Alfàbia, in the Sierra de Tramontana on Monday, July 31. This cultural landscape, a World Heritage Site by Unesco since 2011, was the setting chosen to compose the first pose of the Kings and their daughters in Mallorca. An unofficial pose because the appointment was framed as a private outing for Felipe and Letizia.

In the event that we finally see Leonor and Sofía navigate Majorcan waters, it would be a private appearance. The two young women have inherited a passion for sailing and the sea from Don Felipe. Very happy with the regattas aboard the Aifos, the monarch commented in the Jardines de Alfàbia that he had been lucky thanks to “a fantastic wind”.