Óscar Rodríguez: “If we win, I visit La Macarena again”

TO his 22 years and after a season in which stood out in Leganés Despite the decline, Oscar believes that Nerve is the best place to continue your career. And what better than to do it with big games like the Super Cup.

What an intense first few days at Sevilla, with the Super Cup included. Is this team what you expected?

They told me that this team was a family and that there was a high level of football. It's all true. The team is very united, I have seen it and I am enjoying it with my teammates. And what better way to start with the Super Cup. Bayern has just won the Champions League, with that everything is said.

Was that 'snitch' perhaps Reguilón?

Yes it was Regi the one who told me about Sevilla. I was already opting for this team, but he helped me to know many different things before arriving. I would have loved to have Regi with me, but now I wish him the best in the world at Tottenham. He deserves it.

How about arriving here and meeting several former Leganés?

Well, that makes everything easier, of course. I knew Bryan Gil, Amadou, Juan Soriano and the youth squad Genaro, with whom I coincided in the lower categories of the National Team. They have helped me in these early days.

Do you think Bryan can stay?

Bryan has a great level, a self-confidence and an incredible talent. Playing in three quarters can do you a lot of damage.

You are a footballer that we have seen in many places on the field. What is your preferred position?

My favorite position is inside or attacking midfielder, like 8 or 10. I like to be in the center of the field, where you touch the ball the most and you can be close to the opponent's goal. Last season went well for me.

You played as a child for a team called Los Navalmorales and Óliver Torres is from Navalmoral de la Mata, 65 kilometers from his native Talavera. Did you already know him?

The truth is that no, just to follow him. But maybe it's because they are almost countrymen: I get along very well with him, we are already a couple of muses.

How have you spent these months without competition, after leaving Leganés, after everything that happened to you with Aguirre and his injury?

I have been part of the summer catching up, I have practically not been able to rest. I had to get a physical trainer for that injury. Aguirre is a coach who does things well. I have nothing against him.

As soon as he arrived, he was seen in the Basilica of La Macarena. Were you already a devotee of the Virgin?

All of us in my family are very believers and my parents said that they could not leave Seville without seeing it. I'm sure I'll see her many more times. If we get something important like the Super Cup? I will come back then (laughs).

And even before arriving at Sevilla the opportunity came with the absolute. Do you think about the Eurocup?

Being with the National Team was one of my biggest dreams. But now I focus on Sevilla and what has to come will come, hopefully the Eurocup.

Seville Shield / Flag

He made his debut in the friendlies but without any of those free-kick goals with which he marveled last season. How is it to have better effectiveness than Messi?

They told me that the percentage is very high, yes. Let's see if this year I can even improve it.

His idol is Cristiano. Did you learn anything from your beating?

No, I think my shooting is quite different. I started shooting a lot of fouls as a child, I have my own kick, I have been accommodating myself over the years.

He returns to the orders of Julen Lopetegui. What do you think?

He is a coach with very clear ideas and it shows in the technical, defensive and offensive level of this Sevilla.

Both you and he are 'victims' of Real Madrid. Is it so difficult to succeed in the white club?

Real Madrid has its way of planning. He has taught me many things in my career and I am proud to have played there, but now I only think of Sevilla.

And Zidane?

I have liked Zizou since I was little, he is my great idol. I've never been able to tell him, really. As a player he had immense talent and he won many things and I think he is improving as a coach. He is a great coach for Real Madrid and there are the titles.

Do you see this Sevilla capable of fighting for the League for Real Madrid?

Poof, we haven't even started LaLiga … But yes, I see a team to fight for it. Of course, a lot of things have to happen.

He will play Champions. Do you remember those 300 kilometers that you had spent so many days from home to get to and from Valdebebas?

Well yes, of course I have thought about that when I was older and cold. So, wanting to play soccer, you didn't think about that so much. I have my father to thank for that sacrifice.