Ortega Cano, unleashed in a church: “I’m still the king”

After separating from Ana Maria Aldon, Jose Ortega Cano He seems like a new man who does not stop adding different social events to his agenda. To the shows that he has attended from his special friend, isabella moon, adds the concert he attended this Monday in a Madrid church. The right-hander had a good time…

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The event was held in the Church of San Antón, where every year Father Ángel organizes a concert on the occasion of the patron saint’s festivities. The widower of Rocío Jurado came accompanied by his inseparable employee and friend Marina Grigoriaand other people you trust, such as Marily Coll y Mary Rose. The bullfighter sat in the front row.

Ortega drew the attention of all those present, since the presence of one of the best-known men in the country is always striking in any type of sarao. The bullfighter was encouraged and took the stage during a moment of the concert.

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He was so “at ease” that he even dared with the famous: “I’m still the king.” She sang it at the top of her lungs. This is a very significant phrase, especially if we take into account that he has left behind a turbulent time, marked by his disagreements with the former greengrocer.