Ortega Cano sends a forceful statement against Patricia Donoso after the scandal: prepares an arsenal of demands

Jose Ortega Cano lost his temper last Friday when he exploded live against the lawyer Patricia Donosothe new revelation character of the heart who claims to have rolled with the right-hander when Ana Maria Aldon I was pregnant with the little one Jose Maria.

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Days later and after the relevant days of reflection over the weekend, the bullfighter has sent a forceful statement that we show you in full below. It has been issued by the law firm of his lawyer, Enrique Trebolleas published The reason this Monday.

The notice

1. That, after contacting Mr. José Ortega Cano and after collecting the pertinent information, it is necessary to deny the veracity of a statement written by a lawyer to whom Mr. Ortega Cano has neither hired nor entrusted any professional service in his legal status.

2. Any channeling of news that has to do with the different legal actions that have to be filed by Mr. Ortega Cano, will be focused, solely and exclusively, on the work carried out by the office that heads this communication.

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3. However, given the veracity of certain statements that are put in the mouth of Mr. Ortega Cano, propitiated with the sole desire to sow confusion to the detriment of the interests of our client, we reserve as many legal actions as necessary to defend before the courts the honor and credit of a good man who is suffering, undeservedly, unjust attacks on his moral and personal integrity.

Patricia Donoso

“Disgusting, liar!” Gloria Camila’s father snapped last Friday in a phone call with Save me, while her daughter cried inconsolably in the background. The lawyer Patricia Donoso participated in the Telecinco program to confirm that she is advising Ortega Cano with the aim of cleaning up his maligned image.

In addition, he assured that he wrote a statement for him, in which he apologized to Rocio Carrasco and disclosed having a mental health problem. “You are a liar and a coward. I already have it in the hands of my lawyers, I do not want to know anything about you. Scoundrel, disgusting!”, she added. Among other things, Donoso assured that the matador put his hand down his pants during a trip on the AVE.