Ortega Cano, out of his mind against his lawyer, who claims to have had a ‘roneo’ with him: “Scoundrel, disgusting”

The lawyer Patricia Donoso participated this afternoon in Save me to confirm that you are advising Ortega Cano with the aim of cleaning up its reviled image and that has written a statement, as we published this Thursday. However, the story has taken a grotesque turn when the lawyer has revealed that she had a flirtation with the bullfighter ten years ago, when he began her relationship with Ana Maria Aldon. Ortega Cano, out of his mind, has called the program to deny her between shouts: “Disgusting, liar!”.

The right-hander began his speech by stating that he did not know her at all, although later he backed down: “One day she got hold of my phone. Then she called me, during a trip that I was going from Andalusia to Madrid, and she was like affectionate, attentive… She told me that her friend was my daughter, Gloria, and I followed her conversation. I’m talking about a long-distance conversation.”

At that time, Donoso has said that on that trip Ortega put his hand down his pants: “He asks the person who was in front of us to please take a picture of us. I was wearing jeans that are a bit wide. And He puts his hand inside my pants backwards. We were just getting to know each other and I was shocked. We went to the cafeteria and he paid for the first time.” Ortega, then, has exploded: “You’re a liar and a coward. I already have it in the hands of my lawyers, I don’t want to hear from you. You scoundrel, you disgusting!”.

With the widower of Rocío Jurado beside himself, Glory Camila He has withdrawn her phone, but the young woman has suffered an anxiety attack live and her cousin Chema has been in charge of attending to Save me: “That’s a lie. I pass on what Gloria tells me: this girl just sends him audios, encouraging him, supporting him, telling him not to do anything with the press. She only advises Gloria. They haven’t known each other for 25 years, that’s lie. Gloria is very ill. “