Oriana Marzoli and Daniele dal Moro break up their relationship: “I came to Spain alone with my four 32 kilo suitcases”

End of the relationship Oriana Marzoli (31) y Daniel da Moro (33) after an intense year of dating. After the breakup, and after living for a long time in Italy, the former tronista of Women, men and viceversa He returned to Spain this Thursday with four 32 kilo suitcases as luggage.

“There are things that I no longer go through. I had everything here, my mother, my car, my dog, my friends and my job. I also can’t stand the things he says about me,” the former contestant of VIP Big Brother in Socialite.

Likewise, far from denying infidelity on the part of the businessman, the Venezuelan has assured that she has found out likes, comments and telephone exchanges that he did not like at all. “I have not seen infidelity per se, but there have been many details with several girls,” she stressed.

The spark between Oriana and Daniele arose at the end of 2022, in the reality Italian Big Brother VIP 7. As if it were a teenage movie, both began a romance full of ups and downs. “We met in what for me was the best experience of my life, and you were one of the reasons that made it more special. It wasn’t all rosy, but it was real,” Oriana wrote in early October on her Instagram profile. Instagram.