One side of guarantees

Today marks three years since the debut of Andoni
Gorosabel with the Royal Society. That meeting at the Ciutat (3-0) suggested that Zubieta had made a new side. Three seasons later Gorosabel evidence with a brilliant match that is to fight the position with Joseba
Zaldua. He had the worst possible dance partner, the one who drove him crazy in the Cup qualifying round, but Gorosabel mature and learn from mistakes to dry up a Vinicius Junior that was not the one from other nights thanks to Gorosabel.

If the left wing suffered more than it should, the lock was put in the right zone of the rear. Aritz, huge, was escorted by a Gorosabel he probably played one of his best games as a professional. Both back and forth. His first concern was to stop Vinicius and the Brazilian had to be replaced, disgusted to find a wall coming from Arrasate. He made defensive actions of merit of all colors; to anticipate with cunning, to know how to hold on lowering the ass and put the leg in timing, to dispute each ball as if it were the last of the night. With the defensive task completed, Gorosabel decided that the match was also to be added in attack. From his boots was born the most dangerous play of those of Sheriff.

A roulette your way

Madrid came out of the booth somewhat asleep and Gorosabel He showed off to leave the technical details of the game. The canterano got rid of Vinicius, another defender came out and made fun of him with a kind of roulette wheel turning on himself with Zidane smiling from a distance. This movement, not too orthodox but effective, created a space that took advantage of Oyarzabal. The white defense cracked and the '10' distributed to the left, where it waited with the honey on its lips Barrenetxea, you already know what it is to mark Courtois. The San Sebastian did not hit the shot and the possibility of rounding off a magical play that he baptized disappeared Gorosabel.

The reservoir started to glow yellow, but it has made good progress there too. The winger began to measure his rises, although every time he appeared from the balcony of the area, he was capable of generating danger. In one of those, when everyone was waiting for a center to the area, Gorosabel he even cheated on his own partner. The rampage raised his head, found Oyarzabal on the inside and took a measured pass that left the captain in good shooting position. It got dark, but Gorosabel it was the catalyst for a meritorious Royal. Zaldua is the starting side, but Gorosabel he has progressed in such a way that he is fighting to be the '2' of the team. A dream night for him despite the draw.