Thiago Silva and the reasons why he chose Chelsea

After a transfer market in which he has been the great protagonist, the majority of doubts about the Chelsea project loom in goal and defense. Last season the team conceded 54 goals in the Premier League, the ninth most in the entire league, but despite it the vast majority of transfers have focused on offensive positions.

Although in the position of the left back they have been made with Ben chilwell, great objective of the directive, Regarding the centrals, there has only been the free arrival of Thiago Silva. The Brazilian will be 36 years old and blues fans hope that with his experience and stripes be the solution to defensive problems That showed again in the defeat against Liverpool.

Neither of the two signings has been able to debut so far, the full-back due to an injury and the central defender because he was on vacation after having played the Champions League final, but Thiago has already spoken as a Chelsea player on the club's official website. Topics such as his reasons for signing for Chelsea, his hunger for titles or the value of his experience have been discussed in the interview.

Reasons to sign for Chelsea: First and foremost, because it is an incredible team, one of the greatest in the world. It helps a lot that they welcome you so warmly, especially a coach who played until relatively recently since there are many preconceptions regarding the age of the players. I know of Lampard's experience when he arrived at Manchester City, theoretically at the end of his career. He endured the same things that I'm going through.

Chelsea Shield / Flag

Without knowing me personally, you know how hard I work to stay at the top. The confidence you showed me was all I needed. For me, that confidence was the most important factor. Hearing that he believed in me and that he thought I could come here to contribute positive things. With a young group, as well as experienced players like Azpilicueta, we have everything we need to have a great season. I can assure you that I will do everything possible to assert that confidence on the field.

Expectations for playing for Chelsea and the Premier League: I can not wait more. It is a unique opportunity for me. Normally at 36 years old is when the players leave the Premier but I am doing things the other way around. It is the most difficult league in the world with six or seven teams that can compete for the title, so the motivation is maximum. I'm impatient but things will pass in time.

Motivations after everything gained: What motivates me today is the hunger to win. My goal coming to the Premier is to win the title and I am convinced that we will fight for it. The team is strong, we have a great coach and I have come to contribute in any way I can. That's what motivates me: to go out on the field to win, win, win and win again. I do not think in another thing. The intention to play the next World Cup is also another thing that motivates me a lot.

Similarities between PSG and Chelsea: I don't think they are similar. When I signed for PSG, the team had been bought shortly before by the Qataris. It was the beginning of everything, they were building things that PSG had never experienced as a club, which led to it being recognized around the world. Things are different here. Chelsea have already won a Champions League and the project has been around for many years. After a few years without spending a lot of money, we are now starting a new journey with great signings. I am confident that I will be able to do my bit on the pitch and that this reconstruction will be as successful as the project that I helped to form at PSG.

Goals with Chelsea: My goal is to win. We know that rivals will never make things easy for us and we will have to be prepared, but I will work as hard as I can from the beginning. Chelsea are preparing very well for this season. Of course you will see times when things don't go 100% as planned as we have a lot of new players and that takes time. But I think that if you work with top players, everything becomes much easier.

Message for fans: I arrive 100% motivated to this project. I am not here alone for the experience, I am here to win. I hope they believe, as we do, that this is going to be a special year full of successes for the club..