Oier and Andrés Prieto dispute for a day the kingdom of Diego López

The last goalkeeper of the Spanish before the LaLiga break he was a central defender. Leandro Cabrera had to put on their gloves before Osasuna, on March 8, for the expulsion of Diego López, who had touched a ball with his hand outside his area. So the Galician must meet a party of sanction, this Saturday against the Alaves. And Abelardo Fernández has had three months to decide who occupies his vacancy.

If LaLiga followed natural course, the chosen one it would have been Andrés Prieto, recovered in July 2019 as a second goalkeeper and who has started this season in three games of the Europa League and many others from the Copa del Rey. But none of LaLiga, a competition that has only played four times, all with Malaga, and one of them precisely against Alavés (0-3 at La Rosaleda). Prieto signed ahead, among others, of Carlos Kameni, that had been offered.

But Prieto's options have decreased as Oier Olazabal has recovered from the ailment that suffered in March. Strictly, according to the club, a muscle injury in the left twin. To tell the truth, when the Basque keeper signed for Espanyol, the past January 31 for 1.5 million, it was carrying a break in the femoral or femoral square that had occurred three weeks earlier with Levante.

Your medical situation It did not prevent, however, that in the winter market the Alavés tried, before which curiously it has enough numbers of debut as a blue and white goalkeeper. Not surprisingly, Oier has not even premiered in a call.

Spanish Shield / Flag

Alavés Shield / Flag

And after Diego López, Oier and Prieto others await two goalkeepers who have trained these weeks with Espanyol: Adri López, of the subsidiary, and Angel Fortuño, from Juvenil A. Neither two nor three: until five goalkeepers has had the first team in this sort of preseason that is heading for his final stretch.