Football is back … and so is the League of Aces!

The week that everyone has marked in red on their calendar has arrived! Only 3 days to go until the derby between Seville and Real Betis. Less than 100 hours for the ball to roll again; to celebrate the goals of your team; regret missed occasions; the pikes with colleagues and, of course, See the spades your players have made!

But above all it comes back … The League of Aces! From Biwenger and Diario AS we had a goal set at the beginning of the season: create the biggest league in the history of fantasy games, formed by 10 divisions, without limit of participants and with 43 prizes to be distributed such as a trip valued at € 2,800; iPhones; smartwatch; Amazon checks; official jerseys of your team… Among many other things! And this was possible Thank you for the great reception it had and is having. Simply spectacular!

With the return of LaLiga we want to remind you that, as stipulated at the beginning of the league, after the dispute on matchday 28 the end of the 3rd phase will take place and, therefore, the corresponding restart will take place to face the final marathon of the game that awaits us.

Because Matchday 28 ends on Sunday June 14, and Matchday 29 begins on Monday the 15th, Biwenger has made the decision that day 29 NOT be taken into account and, therefore, that this last phase goes from day 30 to 38, both included. A recalculation in the initial route caused by the football break due to the Covid-19 and the readjustment of the days and games.

This is, in our opinion, the fairest decision. The reset will take place on Monday so that all of you will be in equal conditions to sign from that same Monday and thus prepare your teams for the start of day 30, which as we say will be the starting gun for the last phase of the League of Aces 2019-2020.

Good luck and let the ball roll!