Obregón’s shocking selfie with his granddaughter to silence criticism: “His words are knives after burying my only son”

Ana Obregon has surprised this Friday with a curious selfie with her daughter: she poses with her in front of the mirror and next to an image of her with her son who died three years ago, Aless Lequio. “This would be the selfie of my life if my son was here,” she wrote.

Next, he took the opportunity to launch a devastating dart: “Moment with the two loves of my life that some people wanted to steal from me, toxic people with a big problem, a closed mind and an open mouth. There are few and their words that they throw like knives tickle me after having to bury my only son”.

It must be remembered that her decision to become a legal mother at age 68, through a surrogate (illegal method in our country) and using the semen of her deceased son to do so (according to her, to comply with the young man’s last will) , opened a great debate in gatherings, the media and social networks. However, the book in which she explains the process, The boy with the shrewshas become number 1 in sales, for which it has not only received criticism, but also support.

In this sense, the protagonist of Ana and the 7 He added: “However, most of you throw me words full of empathy and love that go straight to my heart. Thank you.” Little Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón came into the world on March 20 in Miami and on the occasion of her second birthday, Obregón, who will return to Spain in June for the Madrid Book Fair and another series of commitments, also wrote a few words in social networks.