Obregón’s most watched film splits Spain in two: The Handmaid’s Tale or Is this grandmother a danger?

Carmen Lomana She is a woman without filters, as she demonstrated again this Wednesday when giving her opinion before Susanna Griso on Antena 3 that Ana Obregon “She is going to be a grandmother because the pregnant woman has been inseminated with her son’s semen,” said literally.

But the identity of the sperm donor that has allowed the actress to become a mother is just one of the plots of the film based on true events starring this woman on the cover, who always enjoyed being the protagonist, the one who called the journalists at dawn to tell them that he had cooked a paella Spielberg when I was in my twenties.

The identity of the baby’s father it is just one of the many debate fronts open after the tsunami. There is that of age, that of whether the women who rent their wombs are victims of exploitation. Said the former vice presidents carmen bald that includes those who wish to have a child and cannot but who one thing is the law and another the desire.

The point is that the Obregón case transcends magazines and social chronicle portals and reaches newspapers, sneaks into the news and all kinds of programs, morning, afternoon and night, crosses our borders and fills hours of talk shows on all television channels. television without exception. A paradise for a woman who has enjoyed being the center of attention all her life, except when it was because of a tragedy whose pain no one can even imagine, except those who have suffered it, as unfortunately has happened in many other cases, only that when they are anonymous the duel does not appear on the covers.

There is no doubt that Ana Obregón is happy. That is important. Everyone should rejoice about that. Doubts come from surrogate mothers or from that girl whose mother probably won’t be able to be at her wedding unless she gets married very young. But we know that Ana Obregón is happy not only because she says so, not only because of the half smile with which she poses on the cover of Hola, a smile that we appreciate thanks to the fact that the new mother has the detail of leaving the hospital without a mask so that the clever paparazzi photograph at pleasure the sweet expression of his face full of happiness. It is curious that Obregón’s first two statements after a piece of news that has changed her life forever came to light was dedicated to making it clear that she is not in the business of the exclusive of the year:

1. She says she’s been caught the photographers, so she doesn’t know anything about this exclusive.

2. He says that, contrary to what Lequio insinuates, neither his friend Raúl nor his representative and intimate Susana Uribarri They have been the moles that have leaked the information. We wonder, since he categorically states that his friends have not leaked it, if he knows who has leaked it. Otherwise, how can you be sure it wasn’t them?

Lequio speaks with the heart

We are surprised by Ana’s unusual interest in proclaiming to the four winds that she is not charging for the cover of a header as Hola, publication to which he has sold dozens of reports throughout his life and in which he works Maria Palacios, the woman of Alessandro Lequio, one of the few people who knew the intentions of the biologist, as both have recognized.

Certainly the Italian aristocrat, contrary to surrogate bellies, He doesn’t seem very happy that the mother of the deceased Aless is going to give her son a little sister. We have not heard his congratulations for the moment and instead we have seen him serious, upset, and making inappropriate gestures for a Bourbon with his heart, and we are referring to the finger that is between the index and ring fingers.

Lequio is not among those who trust Obregón and believe that the exclusive of Hola It is the result of investigations, guards and a lot of investment by the agency that signs the photos and the report, because they have been “with this for a long time,” he says Sandra Aladro, director of the agency and wife of one of the owners. Those who accept this implausible version argue that Ana is not behind the exclusive that the former presenter of What do we bet you don’t need to take him out Hola the money to contribute or even cover the hundreds of thousands of dollars in surrogacy expenses because she is a millionaire, and even more so after the death of her mother and father, the builder who built La Moraleja.

They possibly forget that during the treatment that followed Aless Lequio In the United States, where his parents were with him for a long time, Ana and Lequio covered part of the immense expenses by selling exclusives to magazines, as they came to recognize. But it’s not all about money.

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Ana Obregón always loved being the center of attention. She was born to be on the cover, to attract attention, she was a sexual icon and her bikini pose marked the beginning of summer. Ana Obregón stayed at the house of Julio Iglesias when he went to the United States the first time and went at night to tell stories in the bedrooms of Chabeli, Julio José and Enrique Iglesias, the same one who years later confessed to her that she was his erotic myth. And of course, the protagonist of Ana and the seven told it.

Unfortunately, she passed her mother’s tears as she hadn’t even Isabel Pantoja when Smarty killed Paquirri. Ana didn’t count on that. That part of the script destroyed her. But decades before the tragedy of her son’s death overwhelmed her, even before the fruit of her relationship with Lequio reached the world, she lent herself to fights with Antonia del Atte. Ana Obregón liked being on the cover more than anything else. She walked Bosé, Lequio, Suker, that Pole named Derek that her friend Uribarri later inherited. And Ana likes to look beautiful, with her hair fixed, with perfect nails and of course without a mask, to be able to get out of her, thanks to her actress’s power, that expression captured on the historic cover of Hola, so powerful that it has divided Spain, and the Congress itself. This allows Ana to be in the limelight as in her best times, a perfect setting for the promotion of her son’s book, edited by Harper Collins.

Debate Takes Congress: The Handmaid’s Tale

nearly 40 years ago, Margaret Atwood published his best-known novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, where the woman is considered an object whose value is in her ovaries. The play, well known for its screen adaptation starring Elisabeth Moss, was used this week by several politicians to give their opinion on surrogates, following the publication that Ana Obregon She has been a mother at the age of 68 in Miami thanks to the fact that another woman has gestated her daughter.

Adrián Barbón, socialist president of the Principality of Asturias, said he felt “enormous uneasiness” when he saw the actress leave the hospital in a wheelchair with the baby in her arms. Also Gabriel Ruffian o Pablo Echenique compared the Obregón case with the dystopia written by the Canadian author. Just one day after these excesses, the PSOE announced that it will toughen the law to prevent cases of surrogacy like Ana Obregón’s. According to the socialist spokesman in Congress, if the declared intention of the PSOE to reform the current law prospers, Children born by surrogacy cannot be brought to Spain, even if they come into the world in countries where surrogacy is legal. Despite the fact that Spanish legislation is clear and prohibits them, thousands of boys and girls are registered every year in our country through the loophole that allows them to be kept in places where surrogacy is legal and then register them here.

Patxi Lopez He has raised the possibility of “reinforcing” the current legislation to “prevent” people from using surrogacy abroad and then registering those children in Spain “as if absolutely nothing had happened,” he said. “We must take a look at what we have at the moment to prevent anyone from having or wanting to go abroad to find ways to rent a woman to have their children and that cannot allow them to register as normal when they arrive in Spain their sons or their daughters as if absolutely nothing had happened”, he declared.

“We have to strengthen our own legislation to prevent this from going out to buy women, in a country like ours we should not allow this, wherever it occurs. And therefore we should, without putting a burden on the child, try to prevent that these practices cannot even be carried out abroad either”, he added.

“We must analyze what is the best formula so that those people who want to have a child through surrogacy understand that it is impossible in our country to do so, even if it is by renting out a woman’s body,” he concluded. The PP, however, has changed what until now was its position and is open to starting a debate on surrogacy as long as the pregnant women lend their bodies altruistically and there is no commercial relationship. More or less along the lines of Citizens. Detractors of this position, however, maintain that it is not viable because they consider that the vast majority of women who give birth to children at the service of other people do so in exchange for money, exploited for being in a disadvantaged situation. Vox not only does not agree with this reproduction system but also intends to extend the ban and make it global in scope. For Podemos, directly, we are facing a form of “violence against women”, as Irene Montero, Minister of Equality, recalled this Wednesday.

As we see, Ana Obregon has swept away with the ladders of the newscasts, con The Ana Rosa Programcon Save me, with the program Sonsoles Onega, with that of La 1, with those of La Sexta, with those of Cautro, with Arús, with Más Vale Tarde, with the space of Ana Terradillos; it is talked about on Cope, on Swer on Onda Cero, on Losantos radio and it is even mentioned in the world press. And this is only the beginning. Is there anything that makes Ana happier, besides her new daughter, than starring in the most watched movie?