Antonio David has them with his sister because of his girlfriend: the other fire of Marta Riesco

The tension between the two is so extreme that Antonio David Flores (47) He had no choice but to put order among his sister, Mary Help of Christiansand his girlfriend Martha I can. He has asked the two to iron out rough edges and try to have a marked relationship, at least out of respect.

The first demonstrates his animosity towards his sister in law defending the positions of the journalist’s detractors, as happened a few days ago when she sided with a certain Carisman, who is one of the biggest critics of the former employee of the production company Ana Rosa Quintana on social networks.

Riesco’s reaction was immediate. He asked his boyfriend to intercede with him. Mary Help of Christians to try to get closer to her. But it is not only Antonio’s sister who denies bread and salt to the reporter. Other relatives of the former civil guard do not accept it eitheras we progress. Flores has a hard time because he is between a rock and a hard place, in the middle of the brawl. Rejection was not expected.

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only his daughter Rocio Flores He maintains a cordial relationship with Marta. His union with his father’s ex, Olga, finally broke up months ago. They were thick and thin, now they are completely estranged. They don’t want or call each other. Ro has taken sides with the 35-year-old journalist, twelve years younger than Antonio David’s second wife.

The relationship between the Flores and Olga Moreno took a step back since Olga went out with Augustine Etienne, his representative, the same one who used to take Antonio and Rocío and in his day to Belén Esteban. A one hundred and eighty degree turn. There is a certain respect, yes, because the woman from Seville and the man from Malaga have a daughter in common, but the good vibes of yesteryear are over. In this sense, the collateral victim of such disagreements may be precisely little Lola.