Obradovic: “This time Punter hasn’t scored, it’s part of the game”

“This Euroleague needs a club like Partizán”


The Partizán coach, Zeljko Obradovic, lamented the defeat in the fifth game of the ‘playoff’ against a Real Madrid that will play “another ‘Final Four'” of the Euroleague, despite the warning he tried to convey to his team that the game would be long and with the final option of Punter who this time did not enter.

“I want to congratulate Real Madrid for the victory and for playing another ‘Final Four’. Great team and great club. There is a lot of character in this team and you have to play 40 minutes, I told you in the interview at half-time. After playing very well the first part, they have started to play with a lot of confidence”, he said at a press conference.

“We played without defence, in the end we had some possessions. We were good, we hit shots from three and we had the opportunity to tie but this time Punter, who had a great game, didn’t score. It’s part of the game,” he added.

The Serbian team let an 18-point lead slip away at the start of the second half, when the 10-time European champions resurfaced. “I can only be proud of my team. Having a season like the one we’ve had. I have this feeling that we’ve been able to win, but I don’t want to go back to things that have already happened,” he said.

“Thank you also to the people of Partizan, they have been an impressive support throughout the season. I want to thank the supporters, I have seen four that have come from Malta, from all over the world,” he added.

On the other hand, Obradovic was asked about Madrid’s experience with players like Sergio Rodríguez and Sergio Llull. “Three games were decided in one possession. Punter normally marks that one. I’m not talking about the rivals. They are always team victories, not one person’s. I have always tried to explain to the players, at all times, that you have to play until the end. We have played very badly in defense,” he said.

“The team is sunk in the locker room, but very proud of everything Partizan has done this year. People talk about Partizan and come to see them. This Euroleague needs a club like Partizan. Not one year, I hope they continue in the Euroleague It’s a serious project. There was talk that it was going to be I don’t know what in Belgrade, it was a normal environment. People like to come to Belgrade,” he settled.