Joe Flacco
Joe Flacco

As you know, NY Jets are always up for recognizing talents as well as skills while adding new allies to the team. Yes, The New York Jets are adding a popular name to their roster as they are signing quarterback Joe Flacco to a one-year contract.

Joe Flacco Signs A One-Year Contract With New York Jets

The agency that represents Joe Flacco did announce the sign up on its twitter account. You all must know that the agency did spend the last season along with Denver Broncos. It was all happening after 11 years of a time period with the Baltimore Ravens.

As per the reports of Adam Schefter from ESPN, the deal will be worth $1.5 million. But there is a possibility that this amazing deal will be increasing its worth up to $4.5 million with incentives.

Well, the former Super Bowl MVP will reunite again with the general manager Joe Douglas along with the NY Jets. Joe Douglas was once a scout for the Ravens when they did draft him for the 18th spot around 2008.

Joe Flacco was leading the University of Delaware to the NCAA FCS title game with his senior position in 2007. Also, there have been updates about Joe Flacco’s neck surgery that did happen in the last month. As per the reports, fans and followers can expect Joe Flacco to be out in the early days of September month. But he will surely have to compete for the backup job behind Sam Darnold.

It was somehow beneficial for Joe Flacco as The Broncos did place him in the injured reserve in November. Not before Joe was suffering a herniated disk in his neck that he has to be in such a situation. They did release Joe Flacco in the March month.

Once, Joe Flacco is back to his normal health, he will be joining the New York Jets for one month of the contract. Fans and agency are hoping that Joe Flacco will have his healthy life back as soon as possible.


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