Nuria González, supported by her friends in the final goodbye to Fernández Tapias: from Florentino Pérez to Isabel Preysler

Dressed in rigorous mourning, clinging to her children Iván and Alma and with a smile of gratitude for all those who wanted to say goodbye to Fernando Fernandez Tapias this Monday in Madrid. This is how it has reappeared Nuria Gonzalezthe businessman’s widow, almost three weeks after the death of the 84-year-old shipping businessman.

They have been very hard days for the former model, not only because of the grief of losing a husband (and father of your children) but also because of the controversy that has been unleashed around the complicated family situation that all of his heirs face. The five eldest children of Fernández Tapias had no relationship with her father since 2020, nor with her widow or her younger siblings, but they attended the wake and subsequent cremation, where moments of tension were experienced.

Since then, the two sides of the Tapias have confronted each other through public messages and statements blaming the other for what has happened in recent years. The five siblings filed a lawsuit to legally incapacitate their father due to cognitive impairment in 2020. The judge agreed with them, appointing Florentino Pérez and Nuria González as guardians of Fernández Tapias. They accuse her of having separated them from her father; She claims they were her husband’s wishes.

This Monday, everyone attended the funeral officiated by Father Ángel in the Jerónimos church. The five older siblings entered through the back door while Nuria and her children did so in front of the cameras. A delicate and painful moment for which she has counted on her close friends, such as Isabel Preysler y Florentino Pérez.

Terelu Camposaccompanied by her daughter Alejandra, also supported the family this Monday, as well as the stylist Maribel Yébenes, Ana Rosa Quintana o Simoneta Gómez Acebo.

Luis Medina, Mariano Rajoy, Alfonso Diez o Ana Botella They were other attendees at the last farewell of the great shipping businessman.