The uncertainty caused by the expansion of the pandemic Coronavirus it has especially affected non-professional football. Everyone who is neither First neither Second division. From Second Division B down there is no return date for the competition at this time. Both the Spanish Federation and the Madrid Federation are working on an action protocol that guarantees the safety of all athletes who play football.

A problem that affects all clubs equally but that can lead to a slowdown in the evolution of all players in the categories below world level. They have not competed for half a year and the vast majority have not trained, to which is going to be added the time they are now without the competition starting.

The date that is being considered for the start of the competition in Second division B It is October 18. Most of the clubs are already working towards the moment when the start of the championship becomes official. A tournament that this season will have more than 100 teams divided into 10 groups, this is because this season there have been no relegations in Second B and there have been Third promotion and relegation of Second division.

A situation that will lead to a decrease in the level of the category. For this reason, most of the youth squad of the mattress team are looking for a way out to a team of First or Second not to have a break in their careers. A problem that RFEF hopes to alleviate the next campaign with the creation of the Second B Pro, an intermediate category between Second and Second B with 40 teams.

The little ones

Worse is the situation of the Honor Division of juveniles. There is no start date yet and the vast majority of clubs are waiting for the date to be set to start training. In the case of Atlético de Madrid, it has two teams such as Youth A that competes in Group V and Youth B that competes in Group VII.

The rest of the lower categories of the Atlético de Madrid is governed by Real Madrid Football Federation. An organization that already presented a protocol in early August and did not ratify the Madrid's community until last Thursday. A protocol that has raised some controversy because it recommends that players train and play with a mask. To all this, they do not have an official date for the start of the competition, although it is expected to be in October as well.